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Nancy Anne GREEN

Nancy Anne GREEN4,5

also known as Nancy GREENE1

also known as Anna GREEN3

also known as Anne Green

17583 - about 1850

Life History


Born in Guilford County, North Carolina.3

(less likely)


Born in Pendleton District, South Carolina.1,2

(most likely)

25th Jul 1778

Married John Brissell HORTON in Guilford County, North Carolina.3,2,18

about 1779

Birth of daughter Leah HORTON.2,6


Birth of son Joseph HORTON in Grayson County, Virginia.2,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

about 1785

Birth of daughter Rachel HORTON in Surry County, North Carolina.6,7,13,14


Birth of son John Brissell HORTON in Anderson County, South Carolina.15,8,16

about 1791

Birth of daughter Lucretia HORTON.6

26th Aug 1808

Birth of son Hezekiah HORTON in Pendleton District, South Caroilina.6,6

about 1820

Death of daughter Leah HORTON.6

about 1827

Death of John Brissell HORTON in St Francois County, Missouri.17,3

about 1850

Died in Washington County, Missouri


  • Some Horton genealogists report the wife of John Brissell Horton asAnna Green.  Some sources name her Ann(e) Green.  These generallyreport no parents of Anna/Anne.  Some link this Anna to parentsMeshack and Lucretia Green.  Others report his wife as the daughter ofMeshack but have her name as Anna Nancy.  Green genealogies report thedaughter of Meshack as Nancy or Nancy Ann(e).

    One Horton genealogy reports the wife of John Brissell Horton as AnnaNancy Greene, possibly the daughter of Meshack.  But very firm familyevidence and historical records seem to indicate that Nancy AnneGreen, daughter of Meshack W Green and Lucretia Franklin, marriedJonathan Horton, John Brissell Horton's brother.  Sheri Horton hasfound records of them in the Missouri (state-recognized) CherokeeNation, confirming Nancy Anne as the daughter of Meshack and Lucretiaand the wife of Jonathan Horton.

    The problem is that most genealogies report Nancy Ann to have beenborn about 1858, which is before Meshack married Lucretia.  But theyhave no first wife of Meshack.

    Further, Jonathan Horton could not have been the son of Abraham andMartha Williams Horton.  Martha would have been 70 years old whenJonathan was born.  I discuss more details of these problem below.

    Two birth locations are reported, about 1750 in Guilford County, NorthCarolina and about 1756-58 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.  Itis likely two different but similar Green lines are involved here, butthere is not enough firm information in the sources to sort them out.Note that the following tree reports that Anna Nancy Greene married in1748, 10 years before she was born in "abt 1758!"  Likewise the 3rdmarriage date is impossible, since she would have been only 8 yearsold in 1766.  It is unclear what this genealogist intended tocommunicate here.  It is presented here more as a curiosity and as atestimony to the state of the evidence.

    The second date here, 25 July 1778, is about right for her marriage toJohn Brissel Horton, in Surry County, North Carolina.  This locationmatches with a Friends (Quaker) North Carolina Annual Meeting thatsome Hortons were associated with.  One descendant tells us she hasdocumentation that John was excommunicated from this Quaker meeting(church) for marrying outside the faith.  We have not seen thatdocumentation.

    Anna Nancy Greene
    Birth: ABT 1758
    Marriage 1 John Brissell Horton b: ABT 1748 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania
    Married 25 JUL 1778 in Surry Co., North Carolina
    Married 9 JAN 1766 in (Anna Nancy Greene d/o Mishck and Creory Green?)Unknown
    --  Vicki Peterson, Our Kith n Kin, RootsWeb,

    Some propose that the wife of John Brissell Horton is a daughter ofMeshack Green and Lucretia Franklin.  Evidence seems to point in thisdirection.  The birth date of 1758 for Anna Nancy Greene is close tothe common date of 1750 for Nancy Anne Green in other sources I haveseen for Meshack and Lucretia's daughter.  Her birth date is alsobefore the commonly reported date of 1770 for Meshack and Lucretia'smarriage.  The location of Surry County, North Carlina matches thelocation of a Friends (Quaker) annual meeting in which some Hortonsparticipated, including one Rachel Horton, who appears to be John andNancy's daughter.

    Nancy Anne (or Anna Nancy if they are names of the same person) may bea step-daughter of Lucretia, due to the great difference in agebetween Meshack and Lucretia and their later marriage date.  NancyAnn(e) is also called Nancy Anna or Anna Nancy in some Horton sourceswho also identify her with Meshack's daughter.  She is listed ingenealogies variously as Anna Green, Nancy Ann(e) Green(e) and AnnaNancy Green(e).  No name has been found for a first wife of Meshack.

    In May 2014, I got a note from Sheri Horton, a researcher I haveworked with in our research on this common Green ancestor.  Herresearch brought forward some information connecting John BrissellHorton to Cherokee lands.  In the 1817-1825 roll of Cherokeeemigration, one John Brissell is included among those who have agreedto exchange their lands in the east for new lands in Arkansas.

    This seems to be John Brissell Horton, husband of the Cherokee NancyAnn Green, daughter of Meshack Green.  John's lands would have come tohim by rights of his wife Nancy Ann Green.  The Hortons also hadvarious land grants for various reasons, including purchase inVirginia and North Carolina.  Arkansas was at that time part of NewMadrid District of Louisiana Territory, newly obtained from the FrenchEmpire.  New Madrid District included part of Missouri, where the townNew Madrid retains the old Spanish name of the province.

    This does not mean that Meshack was fullblood Cherokee, sinceCherokees were intermarrying with whites since before the AmericanRevolution.  Sheri did report that on the basis of the connections shehad proven, she received membership in the Missouri Cherokee Tribe.

    "I just got my card from the Northern Cherokee Nation for proving JohnHorton, wife Nancy Anne Green daughter of Meshack Green(e) . I foundtherm on the Emigration rolls of 1817-1835 That Meshack, Creasy, andNancy Anne were full Cherokee! [The rolls themselves do not statethis; I have not seen documentation to this effect.] ... They arerecognized by the state of Missouri and are working on Federalrecognition."
    --  Sheri Horton, Ancestry Message to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 10 May2014

    sheri originally had the name Jonathan for the husband of Nancy AnnGreen, and then a son named Jonathan, but that was later corrected toJohn Brissell Horton as Nancy Ann's whusband and the son was Jonathanor John.  I can find the name Jonathan in no other source, and on Johnand Nancy's son's grave reports his name as John Brissell Horton Jr.

    "Meshack Greene m Creasy (Franklin ?) Daughter Nancy Anne Greenemarried Jonathan [John Brissell] Horton son of Abraham and MarthaBrissels Horton.  Jonathan of Quaker faith was excommunicated from thechurch for marrying out of the faith leading me to believe that mygggggrandmother Nancy Anne Greene was of Cherokee descent.  Jonathanand Nancy's son John married Susan Grider and the family moved toWashington Co Mo John a soldier in war of 1812 had a land grant Thefamily remains in the Washington and surrounding counties."
    --  Sheri Horton, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 19 October 2010

    I find the name Jonathan Horton and the connection with the Quakersconfusing.  There are Hortons in the Quanker meetings, an some of themappear to be this Horton family.  That conflicts with theirinvolvement in battled in the Revolutionary War.  IDetaiols areunclear, but it is reproted that John Brissell was excluded form thefellowship for marrying outside the faith, when he married Nancy AnnGreen.

    And various members of this Horton family were involved in the Battleof Kings Mountain in the American Revolution against Great Britain.

    Sheri Horton reports the chain of relatinship to her frm John Brisselland Nancy Ann Horton.

    Nancy Anne Green  (Cherokee) m John Brissell Horton
    Johnathan (John) Horton m. Susan Grider
    Mary Ann Gr een m. Isaac Horton (s/o Abraham / Martha B Williams
    Christopher Columbus Horton m. Achsah [Alsie, Alsy] Montgomery
    Isaac Haywood Horton m. (Achsah Montgomery's niece) Rachel MinnieMontgomery
    Bert Horton m. Essie Mae Byington
    Eugene B Horton m Lois Jean McDuffie
    Sheri Horton
    --  Sheri Horton, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 27 August 2015

    But Horton names do appear on some records of the Friends AnnualMeeting in Surry County, North Carolina.  However, Sheri Horton pointsout that John was also excommunicated from the Quakers when he marrieda Cherokee (Nancy Ann).  His sons may never have joined the QuakerMeeting.  Details are uncertain.

    Sheri does say that John Horton and his household were the only Hortonfamily living in that area.  So it would be this John Horton who waslisted in the Cherokee rolls of 1817-1835 who had agreed to exchangetheir eastern Cherokee lands for new lands and considerations inArkansas, part of the new Louisiana Territory.

    "Issac Horton, bro of Jonathan, married Nancy's sister Mary Anne andthey moved to Gwinnett Co GA.  Jonathan's brothers James (killed byIndians in Indiana, where he moved with his wife's family), Issac,Abraham Jr (married Aditha Clark) and Daniel are all Rev War Patriots.Jonathan wasn't born till ca 1796, and one more bro Joseph b ca 1800."
    --  Sheri Horton, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 20 October 2010

    Various researchers have connected the daughters of Meshack Green invarious ways.  Dates of birth vary quite a bit.  Nancy Ann Green (orAnna Nancy or Anna) is reported born from 1750 to 1758, while Jonathanis reported born in 1796, 38 or so years later.  So generations arecrossed here.  Other Horton sources report that Anna Nancy (b abt1759) married John Brissell Horton, son of Abraham and Martha.  Thismatches the report here of Jonathan as a son of Abraham and Martha,but differs from the unworkable birth date in 1796, since John wasborn in 1748.  Some report John Brissel's birth year as 1746, a moreworkable scenario.

    One or more genealogies report a daughter of Lucretia and Meshacknamed Nancy Anne Green who was born in 1792.  But this would be toolate to be the wife of John Brissell Horton, who was born in 1748.The place of death in Missouri matches the reports of Nancy Ann GreenHorton, wife of John Brissell Horton. But maybe her husband JohnHorton was not John Brissell Horton, but his son or another youngermember of the same family.  The following genealogy reports no husbandfor the Nancy Anne reported as the daughter of Meshack and CreasyGreen of Georgia.  Two other similar ones likewise have the laterbirth date but no husband for Nancy Anne.

    Nancy Anne Green
    Birth 1792 in Pendleton, Anderson, South Carolina
    Death 1850 in Washington, Missouri
    Meshack W Green 1720 - 1799
    Lucretia Creasy Franklin 1725 - 1800
    --  Johnson Family Tree,

    Nancy Anne Greene
    Birth 1750 in ninety-sixth dist N C Cherokee Territory
    Death 1850 in Washington, Missouri
    Meshack Green 1720 - 1799
    Creasy Franklin 1725 - 1800
    Spouse John Brissell Horton 1750 - 1827
    Leah Horton 1776 - 1820
    Joseph Horton 1782 - 1876
    Rachel Horton 1785 - 1860
    John Horton 1789 - 1870
    Lucretia Horton 1791 - 1872
    HEZEKIAH Horton 1808 - 1880
    --  Sheri Horton,


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