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Mary HALL1,3,5

also known as Molly Hall

about 18581,2,3 - about 18881

Life History

about 1858

Born in Mt Pleasant, Titus, Texas.1,2,3


Married Grief Linsten LYNCH in Morris County, Texas.1,13,5

21st Dec 1874

Birth of son John Henry LYNCH in Smith County, Texas.6,1,7,8,9,3,10

about 1879

Birth of son Samuel L LYNCH in Blooming Grove, Navarro, Texas.3,5

22nd Jun 1881

Birth of daughter Martha Bertha LYNCH in Blooming Grove, Navarro, Texas.1,5,11

14th Dec 1885

Birth of son Arthur LYNCH in Blooming Grove, Navarro, Texas.12,11,1,5

about 1888

Died in Blooming Grove, Navarro, Texas.1

about 1888

Buried in White Church Cemetery, Blooming Grove, Navarro, Texas.4

3rd Feb 1888

Birth of daughter Ethel L LYNCH in Blooming Grove, Navarro, Texas.1,12,5


  • Mary's grandson Buck Linsten Lynch reports her name to me as MaryMolly Hall.  All the genealogies I have found have her name as MarthaHall.  Buck says this is an erroneous entry from an earlier report.Her name as Mary Hall has been confirmed in Hall and Lynch sources.Some sources have Molly as a middle name or in parentheses, indicatingit is a nickname.  I also have taken it to be a nickname, since thisis a common nickname for Mary.  She is listed as Mollie in the 1880census.

    An anonymous genealogy of the Lynches reports that Martha(Mary/Mollie?) Hall was born in 1860 in Mt Pleasant, Titus County,Texas.  They seem to indicate that this date of birth is based on herage in the 1870 census.  I found her age in 1880 to be 22, which wouldmean born in 1858, which is the date I have used.

    In his RootsWeb -- genealogy of Carter-Cook-Rippetoe-Fields, RobertStephen Carter has birth in Texas; but year is 1860:
    Martha Molly HALL, Birth: 1860 in Texas
    Death: 1888 in Navarro, Texas
    Burial: Blooming Grove, Navarro, Texas
    Father: Robert T. HALL b: ABT 1839 in Georgia
    Mother: Mary S. MCENTIRE b: 1836 in South Carolina
    Marriage to Grief Linsten LYNCH b: 6 Aug 1852 in Georgia
    Married: 1874 in Morris, Texas
    --  RootsWeb,

    Another family genealogy for the Amox (Mock) family (no longer online)also reported that Mary and Grief were married in Morris County.  Wehave not found that record, nor any record in other counties where thefamilies had lived.  John Wardlow reports:
    "They didn't marry in Morris County. I have the marriage book from1875-1941. Perhaps Titus County or Navarro County. I was hopingsomeone found a marriage record for Mollie Hall & Grief Lynch."
    --  John Wardlow, RootsWeb genealogy online note to Orville BoydJenkins, 4 January 2010

    In further correspondence on this question, John wrote:
    "Titus County marriages weren't online but I have access to themarriage index from 1895-1973. all records prior to 1895 in Tituscounty were destroyed in a fire at the courthouse.  NeighboringMorris, Camp, Cass, & Franklin county records are available. If themarriage took place in Titus County prior to 1895 we wont be able tofind a record. I am assuming that it did since both Grief & Molliewere with their families in the 1870 Census of Titus County, Texas"

    No definite burial record has been found.  Buck Lynch has heard from aHall family source that she was buried in Blooming Grove, NavarroCounty, Texas:
    "I can't find Mary Hall Lynch or Samuel L. Lynch records in Navarro orHenderson County court house.  Nothing but an old letter from a Hallwoman saying Mary's grave is in Blooming Grove. ...  I am not sure ifMary died in 1888, that's what Hall people said."
    --  Buck Lynch, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 28 January 2008

    A genealogy for the Amox (Mock) family has reported Mollie's death inDresden, with burial in Dresden Cemetery, while Buck reported she wasburied in White Church Cemetery in Blooming Grove.  The Amockgenealogy is no longer online for reference (4 January 2010).


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