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about 18341 - 30th Jun 18642

Life History

about 1834


30th Jun 1864

Died in Point Lookout, St Mary's, Maryland.2

30th Jun 1864

Buried in Point Lookout Cemetery, Scotland, St Mary's, Maryland.2

Other facts


Married Mary MCSWAIN


  • William N Lovelace
    Birth 1833 in NC
    Death 30 Jul 1864 in Point Lookout, MD [Union Prisoner of War Recordsrecord his date of death as 30 June 1864 (see below)]
    Nathaniel Lovelace 1810 - 1868
    Louisa Jane McSwain 1813 - 1880
    Spouse Mary "Polly" McSwain
    Birth 22 May 1829 in Latimore, Rutherford, NC
    Death 20 Mar 1920 in Twp #7, Cleveland, NC
    --  Hamricks of Ireland,

    Note that the Hanrick date has William's middle name as N.  No recordhas a middle initial.  His memorial on Find a Grave has the middleinitial as G.

    U.S., Confederate Soldiers Compiled Service Records, 1861-1865
    William Lovelace
    Age 28, Birth abt 1834
    Enlistment Date 1862
    Military Unit Fifty-fifth Infantry

    U.S., Civil War Prisoner of War Records, 1861-1865
    Wm Lovelace
    Confederate, Private, Co D, 55th Infantry
    Illness "Febres Remit"
    Death 30 June 1864 Point Lookout MD
    Selected Records of the War Department Relating to ConfederatePrisoners of War, 1861-1865

    William G Lovelace
    [Source of this middle initial is unknown]
    Birth 1834 Cleveland County, North Carolina, USA
    Death Jul 30, 1864 Point Lookout, St. Mary's County, Maryland, USA

    Enlisted May 6, 1862 in Cleveland County, NC. Company D, 55th Regimentof North Carolina Troops "Cleveland Farmers" Died as POW at PointLookout Military Prison, MD on July 30, 1864.

    Burial Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery, Scotland, St. Mary'sCounty, Maryland, USA

    Created by Jeff Lovelace Sep 10, 2013
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #116887198.

    'Point Lookout, Maryland, located in Saint Mary's County, Maryland onthe southern tip of the peninsula was deemed the largest and worstNorthern POW camp.  Point Lookout was constructed of fourteen foothigh wooden walls.  These walls surrounded an area of about 40 acres.A walkway surrounded the top of the walls where negro guards walkedday and night.  It is reported the guards were brutal in theirtreatment of prisoners.  Prisoner, John R. King said; 'Two days out ofevery three we were guarded by a gang of ignorant and cruelsomenegroes.  Please do not think that I dislike the negroes as a race.Many of them are my friends, but the negroes authority over the whitepeople and the defenceless prisoners suffered at their hands.  Numbersof scars were left on the frame work of the closets made by negroesfiring at the prisoners.  The negro guard was very insolent anddelighted in tantalizing the prisoners, for some trifle affair, wewere often accused of disobedience and they would say, 'Look out,white man, the bottom rail is on top now, so you had better be carefulfor my gun has been wanting to smoke at you all day!'"'
    --  Point Lookout Civil War Prison,

    A special Point Lookout Cemetery was established for Confederateprisoners of war who died in the camp.

    "During the Civil War, Point Lookout was one of the largest prisons ofCSA POWs. Many men died there from exposure, malaria, scurvy and TB.Originally, the soldiers were buried in two cemeteries near the prisoncamp. However, because the cemetery land started to erode into theChesapeake, in 1870 the state of Maryland removed the remains. In 1910they were moved again and re-interred in a burial trench one mileinland, near where a federal monument was constructed that year. The80-foot granite obelisk marks the site, just outside Point LookoutState Park, but the actual boundaries of the pit are not marked."
    --  Find a Grvae,


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