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James Anderson BRINKLEY1,5,4,2,3

Aug 18451,2,3 - 6th Jun 19035

Life History

Aug 1845

Born in Sumner County, Tennessee.1,2,3


Resident in Sumner County, Tennessee.2

23rd Sep 1866

Married Margaret BURTON in Newbern, Dyer, Tennesse.5

about 1868

Birth of son Robert BRINKLEY in Dyer County, Tennessee.1

Jan 1870

Birth of son George BRINKLEY in Dyer County, Tennessee.6,1

11th Jul 1872

Birth of son James Mathew BRINKLEY in Green County, Arkansas.7,5,3,4,8,9,10

before 1876

Death of son Robert BRINKLEY in Arkansas

May 1876

Birth of son Robert Clarence BRINKLEY in Arkansas.4,3,11

about 1877

Death of Margaret BURTON in Newbern, Dyer, Tennesse.12


Resident in Newbern, Dyer, Tennessee, United States.3

22nd Jan 1888

Married Martha GARRISON in Johnson County, Texas.13


Resident in Johnson County, Texas.4

6th Jun 1903

Died in Johnson County, Texas.5


  • We first find James Anderson Brinkley reported with his parents in the1850 census, when he is 6 years old.

    1850 Federal Census, Sumner County, Tennessee, 5 October, CivilDistrict 18, Page 224, Hse/Fam #139
    John Brinkley 36 M Farmer b Tennessee
    Jane Brinkley 36 F b Tennessee
    James Brinkley 6 M born Tennessee

    James Anderson Brinkley
    Birth AUG 1845 in Sumner County, Tennessee
    Death 6 JUN 1903 in Johnson Co Texas
    Parents John H Brinkley 1814-1886
    Jane Auther Parrish 1814-1886
    Spouse Maggie Burton b 1848
    George Brinkley b 1870
    James M Brinkley 1872-1954
    Robert C. Brinkley 1876-1917
    Second Spouse Martha Garrison  1844-1928
    --  Marion Mixon,

    Robert here is reported as born in 1876.  Marion and I have beenworking on this Brinkley family in October 2009, and Marion finallyfound them in the 1870 census.  Family information knows of the RobertC Brinkley born in 1876.  But we discovered that the 1870 census showsanother Robert born in 1868.  He is reported as 2 years old at thattime.  This census reports a second son George as expected.  Thecensus reports that George was born in January 1870 and is 5 monthsold.

    1870 Federal Census, Dyer County, Tennessee, 21 July, Civil District6, Page 33 (scan 99), Hse/Fam #241
    James Brinkly 24 M Farmer b Tennessee
    Maggie Brinkly 22 F b Tennessee
    Robt Brinkly 2 M born Tennessee
    Geo Brinkly 5mos M born Jan [1870] in Tennessee

    Family information reports the death of James' first wife Margaret(Maggie) Burton in 1877.  Family sources report the death of Maggiewas in Newbern, Tennessee, where they had been living earlier.  Yetcensuses and family sources report the next two children, James M andRobert C, were born in Arkansas in 1872 and 1876 respectively.

    We have not yet found the public documentation for Maggie's death.Information from Helen Brinkley Lopez tells us that James AndersonBrinkley married his brother's widow Martha Garrison after they hadmoved to Texas.  This information was reported to me by Marion Mixon.

    James Anderson Brinkley, Marriage to Martha Garrison
    22 Jan 1888 Johnson Co Texas
    James (the brother of Elijah Brinkley) married Martha GarrisonBrinkley after coming to TX
    --  Source Helen Brinkley Lopez, via email from Marion Mixon

    In the 1880 census, James is still living in Newbern, Dyer County,Tennessee, with his two young sons, James and Robert C.

    1880 Federal Census, Dyer County, Tennessee, 3 June, Newbern, District15, page: 9, Hse #75, Fam #76
    Brinkley, J A  W M 35 Widowed Keeping Saloon  TN NC NC
    Brinkley, Jas M  W M 7 Son Ark TN NC
    Brinkley, Robt C   W M 4 Son Ark TN NC

    By 1900, James has moved to Texas with his sons.  We find him marriedto Martha Garrison, living in Johnson County.

    1900 Federal Census, Johnson County, Texas, 4 June, Justice Precinct5, District 64, Grandview, page 3B, Hse/Fam #53
    Brinkley, J A  Head W M Aug 1845  54 Married 33 years TN NC NC FarmerOwns
    Brinkley, Martha Wife W F May 1845  55 Married 33 years TN TN TN

    Nearby are two sons and their families.  Next door is R C (Robert C)and next to Robert is JM (James).


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