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Elijah L EDMONDS1,9,2,3,4,5,6,8

17th May 18651,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - 15th Mar 19381,6,8

Life History

17th May 1865

Born in Newport, Cocke, Tennessee.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

about 1888

Married Nancy Magnolia MITCHELL in Madison County, North Carolina.5

21st Nov 1888

Birth of son William Calvin EDMONDS in North Carolina.10,5,4,6,11

3rd Oct 1891

Birth of son Oscar Sheldon EDMONDS in North Carolina.10,5,4,12,13

4th May 1892

Birth of son Tembert Shroud EDMONDS in Madison County, North Carolina.10,5,4,14,15,16

10th Nov 1893

Birth of son George Washington EDMONDS in Madison County, North Carolina.5,4,17,6,18

13th Apr 1895

Birth of daughter Mary Manervia EDMONDS in North Carolina.10,5,4,19,20

11th Dec 1896

Birth of son Thomas Tony EDMONDS in Marshall, Madison, North Carolina.5,4,21,22

1st Apr 1897

Birth of son Joe Wesley EDMONDS in Mars Hill. Madison County, North Carolina.10,5,4,3,23,24

12th Jul 1900

Birth of son Gurley Roosevelt EDMONDS in Madison County, North Carolina.10,4,25

22nd Dec 1902

Birth of son Willard Emery EDMONDS in North Carolina.10,4,3,6,14,26

15th Feb 1905

Birth of son Hicks A EDMONDS in North Carolina.4,3,12

after Feb 1922

Married Hannah Elizabeth WEBB.27

3rd Feb 1922

Death of Nancy Magnolia MITCHELL in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.27,10,6

23rd May 1923

Birth of son Harding A EDMONDS in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.10,14,26,28,29,6,30

14th Jun 1927

Birth of son Merdia Coledge EDMONDS in South Carolina.10,31,11,29,6,30

15th Mar 1938

Died in Cooley Springs, Spartanburg, South Carolina.1,6,8

Lobar Pneumonia

16th Mar 1938

Buried in New Prospect Church Cemetery, Chesnee, Spartanburg, South Carolina.1,6,8


  • 1870 Federal Census, Jefferson County, Tennessee, 21 July, p 2, PODandridge, Hse/Fam #13
    Edmonds, James C 49 M W Farm Laborer $No Real Estate $No PersonalEstate b Tennessee Cannot read or write [b abt 1821]
    Edmonds, Catharine 28 F W  Keeping House b Kentucky Cannot read orwrite [born abt 18]
    Edmonds, Elijah R 5 M W b Tennessee [b abt 1865]

    1880 Federal Census, Madison County, North Carolina, 10 June, UpperLaurel, District 131, page 9, No Hse/Fam #s
    Edmonds, Catharine  W F 40 Widow   Works on Farm and Keeps House NC NCNC
    Edmonds, Elijah W M 15 Son Works on Farm TN TN NC

    Elijah has the middle initial of R in 1870, but this is L in 1900.Similarly in this 1900 census, his son is Elijah G, but later in hisown household he is Elijah L, like his father.  Note that Elijah L isnow reported born in North Carolina, instead of Tennessee.

    1900 Federal Census, Madison County, North Carolina, 29 June, UpperLaurel Township, District 84, page 11A, Hse/Fam #192
    Edmonds, Elijah L Head W M May 1865  35 Married 12 years NC NC NCFarmer Rents
    Edmonds, Nancy  Wife W M March 1865  35 Married 12 years 7 child/7living NC NC NC
    Edmonds, William  Son W M Nov 1888 11 Single NC NC NC
    Edmonds, Oscar  Son W M Oct 1890 9 Single NC NC NC
    Edmonds, Stuart  Son W M May 1892 8 Single NC NC NC
    Edmonds, George W  Son W M Nov 1893 6 Single NC NC NC
    Edmonds, Mary Dau W F Apr 1895 5 Single NC NC NC
    Edmonds, Elijah G  Son W M Dec 1896 3 Single NC NC NC
    Edmonds, Andrew  Son W M Apr 1898 2 Single NC NC NC

    Next door to Elijah is his younger brother Thomas Edmonds and hisfirst wife Ara, with their daughter Bertha.

    1900 Federal Census, Madison County, North Carolina, 29 June, UpperLaurel Township, District 84, page 11A, Hse/Fam #193
    Edmonds, Thomas Head W M Feb 1876  24 Married 3 years NC NC NC FarmerOwns
    Edmonds, Ara B Wife W M Dec 1880  19 Married 3 years 1 child/1 livingNC NC NC
    Edmonds, Bertha Dau W F Apr 1899 1 Single NC NC NC

    On the next page is another brother William, and on the page afterWilliam is their mother, Catherine Reed, and their grandmother,Catherine's mother, 102-year-old Polly White.

    Some genealogies list Elijah's wife's name as Nancy Magnolia, based onnames in censuses, apparently.  But Nancy Mitchell's family isenumerated in Madison in 1880, and she is named Nancy M, matching thetwo names later found for the wife of the Spartanburg couple.

    "I have been reading some written work on one of your pages and wantedto let you know about Elijah L.Edmonds. He came to Fingerville, SC inSpartanburg County because the textile mill went to NC and recuitedwith offers of housing and jobs. My grandfather, Willard EmeryEdmonds, was his son. In fact Willard played textile baseball for themill."
    --  Jennie Leake, email message to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 23 Apr 2012

    The 1910 census records Elijah's presence in Spartanburg County, SouthCarolina.  The details of this Elijah are very close to those knownfrom other sources for the son of Cam Edmonds and Katherine White.  Wefind in the list of children Jennie Leake's grandfather Willard.  Thechildren William and Oscar match closely.  George is close, with a2-year age difference, within the range we commonly find betweencensuses.

    Thomas T of 1910 matches Andrew of 1900 in age, but not name.  Dewey Jreported in 1910 should have been reported as about 1 years old in1900, the best match being to Andrew, age 2 in 1900.  So that isuncertain.  At least one genealogy names one child as Andrew "Dewey."

    Both husband and wife of the Spartanburg family match our MadisonCounty couple very closely.  The wife is enumerated as Magnolia.Interestingly, too, Elijah is here reported as born in Tennessee,matching the 1870 and 1880 censuses in Tennessee and North Carolina.In the 1900 census in North Carolina, he was reported as born in NorthCarolina.

    1910 Federal Census, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, 22 April,Campobello Township, District 73, page 9B, Hse #159, Fam #161
    Edmonds, E L Head M W  44  Married 23 yrs TN TN TN Farmer Rents [b abt1866]
    Edmonds, Magnolia  Wife  F W  45  Married 23 yrs 4 10 children/10living TN TN TN
    Edmonds, William M Son  M W 20 Single NC TN TN Farm Laborer
    Edmonds, Oscar I Son  M W 18 Single NC TN TN Farm Laborer
    Edmonds, Timbert I Son  M W 16 Single NC TN TN Farm Laborer
    Edmonds, George W Son  M W 14 Single NC TN TN Farm Laborer
    Edmonds, Minerva M Dau  F W 13 Single NC TN TN
    Edmonds, Thomas T Son  M W 12 Single NC TN TN Farm Laborer
    Edmonds, Dewey J Son  M W 11 Single NC TN TN Farm Laborer
    Edmonds, Gurley R Son  M W 8 Single NC TN TN Farm Laborer
    Edmonds, Willard E Son  M W 6 Single NC TN TN Farm Laborer
    Edmonds, Heaps A Son  M W 5 Single NC TN TN Farm Laborer

    1910 and 1920 children match for Elijah and Maggie (Magnolia) inSpartanburg County, South Carolina.

    1920 Federal Census, Spartanburg County, Arkansas, 20 January,Campobello Township, District 82, page 11B, Hse/Fam #138
    Edmonds, Elige Head Rents M W  55 NC NC NC Farmer [b abt 1864]
    Edmonds, Maggie Wife F W  55 NC NC NC [b abt 1864]
    Edmonds, William Son M W  32 NC NC NC [b abt 1887]
    Edmonds, Dewey Son M W  21 NC NC NC [b abt 1898]
    Edmonds, Williard Son M W  17 NC NC NC [b abt 1902]
    Edmonds, Hick Son M W  15 NC NC NC [b abt 1904]

    Suzanne Kennedy clarifies names of the children with information fromfamily sources.

    Elijah Edmonds married Nancy Magnolia Mitchell.  They are the familylisted on the census you reference with Elijah living next door toThomas Edmonds.
    My grandmother gave me all the names birth dates of her uncles andaunt. I pulled all the information from obituaries, and have copies ofa lot of headstones for this generation.
    The correct listing of their names is as follows:

    William "Billy" Calvin - 21 Nov 1888
    Oscar Sheldon - 3 Oct 1891
    Rev. Timbert Shroud "TS" 4 May 1892
    Manervia - 13 Apr 1895
    Thomas Tony ( my Great Grandfather )  11 Dec 1896
    Joe W. "Dewey - 1 Apr 1897
    Gurley Roosevelt - 12 Jul 1900
    Willard Emery 22 Dec 1902
    Hicks A - 15 Feb 1905
    Odell Alonzo Edmonds 10 May 1919.  Was actually the son of Lizze Webband her first husband who was an Edwards. Odell took the name Edmondsand his decendants are still Edmonds.

    Elijah married Lizzie Webb after the death of "Maggie" in 1922.  Theyhad the following children.
    Harding - 23 May 1923
    Merdia ( son ) Coledge - 14 Jun 1927

    Lizzie Webb had two daughters from her first marriage,
    Pansy Edwards Johnson and Laura Edwards ( unsure if she married.)

    --  Suzanne Kennedy, Geneanet Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 7August 2015

    1930 Federal Census, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, 16 April,District 42-18, page 9A, Midnight Rd, Hse #152, Fam #153
    Edmunds, Lidge Head M W 65 Married at age 21 NC NC NC Farmer [abt1865]
    Edmunds, Elizabeth Wife F W 48 Married at age 18 NC NC NC [abt 1882]
    Edmunds, Laura E Dau F W 18 NC NC NC  [abt 1912]
    Edmunds, Pansy Dau F W 13 NC NC NC [b abt 1917]
    Edmunds, Odell Son M W 11 SC NC NC [b abt 1919]
    Edmunds, Hardin M W 6 SC NC NC [b abt 1904]
    Edmunds, Marti Son M W 2yrs9mos [abt Aug 1927] SC NC NC

    There is a death record in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, for anElijah L Edmonds, that closely matches this Elijah L Edmonds.  But theparents of this Elijah are reported to be Calvin Edmonds, of unknownbirthplace, and Polly White, born in Spartanburg.  This isinteresting, since the names do not match known parents, but PollyWhite was Elijah's mother's mother, and his first son is reported asnamed Calvin.  These could have been errors by the informant, T SEdmonds.

    This Elijah was born in Newport, Tennessee, which matches our Edmondsline.  This Elijah's wife was Mrs Lizzie Webb Edmonds, which couldhave been a second wife after Nancy Magnolia died.  I have not foundNancy's death information.  All family genealogies I have seenconsider this to be the same Elijah L Edmonds.

    South Carolina Death Records, 1821-1955
    Certificate #004513
    Elijah L Edmonds
    Residence Rt 2, Chesnee, Spartanburg County, South Carolina
    Death 15 Mar 1938 Spartanburg County
    Age at Death 72 Years 11 months 23 days
    Estimated birth date 17 May 1865
    Born Newwport [Cocke County], Tennessee
    Wife was Mrs Lizzie Webb Edmonds
    Parents Calvin Edmonds [James Cam], of unknown birthplace, and PollyWhite, born in Spartanburg Co SC
    Cause of Death Lobar Pneumonia
    Informant Rev T S Edmonds (son), Chesnee, SC
    Burial 16 March New Prospect Church Cemetery, Chesnee, Spartanburg, SC
    Filed 9 April 1938

    Most genealogies reference this death certificate, but those thatreport a date of death have the date as 15 March 1935, although thedeath certificate clearly reports 1938.  None of them provide anysources, like a gravestone, or comment on the date.

    Obituary Summary
    Chesnee, March 15 (1938)
    Elijah L Edmonds, Age 72 [b abt 1866]
    Residence Cooley Springs, Spartanburg County, South Carolina
    Husband of Lizzie Webb Edmonds
    Died 15 March 1938 at his home after a week's illness with pneumonia
    Funeral Wednesday [16 March 1938] at the the Cooley Springs BaptistChurch
    Rev W B Jones, past of Cooley Springs Baptist Church, and the Rev A PJones of Whitney will officiate at the funeral.
    Burial will be in the New Prospect church cemetery, with the InmanLodge, No 201, in charge.
    --  Spartanburg Herald-Journal, 16 March 1938 [Wednesday], p 3,Courtesy of Kelly Jane O

    Elijah L. Edmonds
    Birth Mar 2, 1865 Newport, Cocke County, Tennessee
    Death Mar 15, 1938 Cherokee Springs, Spartanburg County, SouthCarolina

    Son of Calvin Edmonds & Polly White, husband of 1) Maggie Mitchell 2)Lizzie Webb

    Spartanburg Herald:
    72, Cooley Springs, h/o Lizzie Webb Edmonds, 3-16-38 p3

    Nancy Magnolia Mitchell Edmonds (1865 - 1922)
    Lizzie Webb Edmonds (1888 - 1949)

    William Calvin Edmonds (1888 - 1972)
    Oscar Sheldon Edmonds (1891 - 1949)
    Tembert Stroud Edmonds (1892 - 1984)
    Thomas T Edmonds (1895 - 1984)
    Manervia Edmonds Tyler (1895 - 1969)
    Joe W. Edmonds (1898 - 1979)
    Gurley Roosevelt Edmonds (1900 - 1994)
    Willard Edmonds (1902 - 1987)
    Hicks A. Edmonds (1905 - 1952)
    Odell Alonzo Edmonds (1919 - 1981)
    Harding A. Edmonds (1923 - 1986)
    Merdia Coledge Edmonds (1927 - 1971)

    Burial New Prospect Baptist Church Cemetery. New Prospect, SpartanburgCounty, South Carolina

    Created by Kelly Jane O Jan 16, 2012
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #83535457,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=83535457


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