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Hannah Elizabeth WEBB

Hannah Elizabeth WEBB10,11,10,1,2,3,4,12,9,5,6,7,13,8

11th Feb 18881,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - 7th Apr 19492

Life History

11th Feb 1888

Born in North Carolina.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

5th Jun 1900

Resident Enumerated as daughter Hanah; Found in other records as Elizabeth ormost commonly by the nickname Lizzie.  Dau of Meredith and JuliaRandolph Webb. in Egypt, Yancey, North Carolina.8

8th Sep 1906

Married William EDWARDS in Yancey County, North Carolina.6

8th Sep 1906

Resident Marriage license issued in Yancey County reports Lizzie's residencewas Yancey County. Marriage performed by a German Baptist minister. in Yancey County, North Carolina.6

about 1907

Birth of child Previous Child EDWARDS in North Carolina


Birth of son James T EDWARDS in North Carolina.7

before 1910

Death of child Previous Child EDWARDS in Yancey County, North Carolina.7

12th Feb 1910

Birth of daughter Laura EDWARDS in Polk County, North Carolina.1,3,21,4,5

28th Apr 1910

Resident William and Elizabeth Edwards enumerated with their son James T, age 1yr 7 months. in Ramsay, Yancey, North Carolina.7

11th Sep 1913

Birth of daughter Alice EDWARDS in Higgins, McDowell, North Carolina.22

Nov 1913

Resident The child Alice died at their residence on Greenscreek (Green CreekTownship), and was buried at Mill Creek. Polk County shares the stateborder with Spartanburg County, South Caorlina. in Green Creek, Polk, North Carolina.9

27th Nov 1913

Death of daughter Alice EDWARDS in Green CreekTownship, Polk, North Carolina.22

10th Jul 1914

Birth of daughter Pansy EDWARDS in Fingerville, Spartanburg, South Carolina.1,3,4,5

about 1919

Death of William EDWARDS in Spartanburg County, South Caroilna.5,5

10th May 1919

Birth of son Odell Alonzo EDMONDS in Spartanburg County, South Caroilna.10,15,14,23,24,1,25,3,5

before 1920

Death of son James T EDWARDS in North Carolina.5

14th Jan 1920

Resident Enumerated in the 1920 census as a widow, in her parents' home withher 3 children. in Campobello, Spartanburg, South Carolina.5

after Feb 1922

Married Elijah L EDMONDS.20

23rd May 1923

Birth of son Harding A EDMONDS in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.10,14,15,16,1,3,4

14th Jun 1927

Birth of son Merdia Coledge EDMONDS in South Carolina.10,17,18,1,3,4

16th Apr 1930

Resident 1930 census, Lidge and Lizzie Edwards and their family, including herthree Edwards children, reported here as Edmonds. in Campobello, Spartanburg, South Carolina.1

15th Mar 1938

Death of Elijah L EDMONDS in Cooley Springs, Spartanburg, South Carolina.11,3,19

14th Apr 1940

Resident Enumerated in the 1940 census as a widow with two Edmonds sons and twoEdwards daughters. in Cherokee Township, Spartanburg, South Carolina.4

7th Apr 1949

Resident Obituary reported Chesnee as her residence. in Chesnee, Spartanburg, South Caroilna.2

7th Apr 1949

Died in Spartanburg, Spartanburg, South Carolina.2

9th Apr 1949

Buried in Lake Bowen Baptist Church Cemetery, Inman, Spartanburg County, South Carolina.2


  • Odell Alonzo Edmonds 10 May 1919.  Was actually the son of Lizze Webband her first husband who was an Edwards. Odell took the name Edmondsand his descendants are still Edmonds.
    Elijah married Lizzie Webb after the death of "Maggie" in 1922.  Theyhad the following children.
    Harding - 23 May 1923
    Merdia ( son ) Coledge - 14 Jun 1927
    Lizzie Webb had two daughters from her first marriage,
    Pansy Edwards Johnson and Laura Edwards (unsure if she married [shenever married])
    --  Suzanne Kennedy, Geneanet Messaging to Orville Boyd Jenkins, 7August 2015

    The name Elizabeth does not apper in the 1900 census of her parentsand siblings when she would have been about 12 years old.  Shewasmarried in 1906 att age 18.  WOrking form those dates, it turns outthat the child matching Elizabeth in this census was enumerated asHanah (Hannah).  Thus we can conclude that Elizabeth's name was HannahElizabeth (or perhaps Elizabeth Hannah).  Some records refer to her asElizabeth, but she is mostly referred to as Lizzie, the nickname forElizabeth.

    1900 Federal Census, Yancey County, North Carolina, 5 June, EgyptTownshp, District 124, page 3A-3B, Hse #53, Fam #56
    Webb, Meridith Head W M Jan 1862  38 Married 19 yrs NC NC NC FarmerOwns
    Webb, Julia Wife W F Nov 1863  36 Married 19 yrs 9 children/8 livingNC NC NC
    Webb, Hiram Son W M Nov 1882  17 NC NC NC Farm Laborer
    Webb, John W Son W M Feb 1885  15 NC NC NC Farm Laborer
    Webb, Hanah Dau W F Feb 1887  13 NC NC NC
    Webb, Jane Dau W F Feb 1891  9 NC NC NC
    - page 3B -
    Webb, Cordelia Dau W F Feb 1893  7 NC NC NC
    Webb, Molton Son W M Feb 1895  5 NC NC NC
    Webb, James B Son W M Oct 1897  2 NC NC NC
    Webb, ----- Dau W M Feb 1900  3mos NC NC NC

    North Carolina Marriages
    Webb Lizzie & Bill Edwards Marriage NC 1906
    Bill Edwerds [sic] of Yancy [Yancey] County, age 23, son of T SEdwerds and Martha Edwards, both deceased
    Lizzie Webb of Yancy County, age 18, daughter of M Webb and July Webb,both living
    License was issued on 8 September 1906, Yancey County, North Carolinaby Jack Hinsley
    Date of ceremony is unclear
    Ceremony by Jack Hinsley of the Jerman [sic, German] Baptistdenomination

    Lizzie and Bill had one child die as an infant in 1913.

    North Carolina, Deaths, 1906-1930
    Alice Edwards
    Age 2m 11d
    Birth 11 Sep 1913 Higgins [McDowell County], N C
    Death 27 Nov 1913 Greenscreek [Green Creek] Township, Polk, NorthCarolina
    Burial 28 Nov 1913 Mill Creek, N C
    Father William Edwards
    Mother Lizzie Webb

    Mill Creek, where this document reports the infant was buried, runsthorgh the North Carolina's Pisgah National Forest in the SmokyMountains of western North Carolina.  Polk County is a border contywith Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

    In 1910 Elizabeth (Lizzie) was enumerated with her husband WilliamEdwards in Ramsay Township, the same township where her paretns werereported on page 7B.

    1910 Federal Census, Yancey County, North Carolina, 28 April, Ramsay,District 160, Page 10A, Hse #163, Fam #169
    Edwards, William Head M W 26 Married 3 yrs NC NC NC Farmer Rents [babt 1884]
    Edwards, Elizabeth Wife F W 22 Married 3 yrs 2 Children/1 Living NC TNNC [b abt 1888]
    Edwards, James T Son M W 1yr7mos Single NC NC NC [b abt 1908]

    James does not appear with Lizzie in 1920, when she is a widow with 3children, in her parents' home across the border in CampobelloTownship, Spartanburg County, South Carolina.  The census notes thatin 1910, she has already lost one child.  It appears James also diedbefore 1920.  Another child named Alice died in 1913, and hers is theonly death certificate found for the children who died early.

    One of her cosins, Wesley Randolph, is living next door to Lizzie andWilliam.

    In the January 1920 census, Widow Elizabeth (Lizzie) Webb is livingwith her parents and her three children in the home of her parents inCampobello, Spartanburg County, South Carolina.  Though Odell isreported here as already 9 months old, his grave says he was born 10May 1919.  His father must have died some time during 1919.

    Several names in this family and others on the page are spelled oddly. Lizzie's daughter Pansy is enumerated as Tanzy here  Laura or Laurieis reported as Laure (maybe meant to represent Laurie).  Lizzie'sfather is named Maryed, which does not seem likely his real name.  Welearn several of Lizzie's siblings here.

    All the children in both families are reported as born in NorthCarolina.  Later Odell is reported as born in South Carolina.  In the1930 census both girls are reported as born in North Carolina, butOdell in South Carolina.

    1920 Federal Census, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, 14 January,Campobello Township, District 82, page 7A, Hse/Fam #113
    Webb, Maryed (?) Head Owns Free & Clear M W 60 Married NC SC NC [b abt1860]
    Webb, Jullie [Julie?] Wife F W 54 Married NC NC SC Farm Laborer [b abt1865]
    Webb, Wilsh M W 18 Single NC NC NC Farm Laborer [b abt Nov 1901]
    Webb, Walter Son M W 16 Single NC NC NC Farm Laborer [b abt Dec 1903]
    Webb, Joe Son M W 14 Single NC NC NC Farm Laborer [b abt 1905]
    Ewards [Edwards], Lizzie Dau F W 31 Widow NC NC NC [b abt 1889]
    Ewards [Edwards], Laure [Laura] Dau [Granddau] F W 8 Single NC NC NC[b abt 1911]
    Ewards [Edwards], Tanzy [Pansy] Dau [Granddau] F W 5 Single NC NC NC[b abt 1914]
    Ewards [Edwards], Odell Son [Grandson] M W 9mos Single NC NC NC [b abtMarch 1919]

    Elizabeth married widower Elijah L Edmonds about 1922.  In the 1930census, still in Campobello Township, we see their two childrenenuimerated.

    1930 Federal Census, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, 16 April,Campobello Township, District 42-18, page 9A, Midnight Rd, Hse #152,Fam #153
    Edmunds, Lidge Head M W 65 Married at age 21 NC NC NC Farmer [abt1865]
    Edmunds, Elizabeth Wife F W 48 Married at age 18 NC NC NC [abt 1882]
    Edmunds, Laura E Dau F W 18 NC NC NC  [abt 1912]
    Edmunds, Pansy Dau F W 13 NC NC NC [b abt 1917]
    Edmunds, Odell Son M W 11 SC NC NC [b abt 1919]
    Edmunds, Hardin M W 6 SC NC NC [b abt 1904]
    Edmunds, Marti Son M W 2yrs9mos [abt Aug 1927] SC NC NC

    1940 Federal Census, Spartanburg County, South Carolina, 24 April,Cherokee Township, District 42-29 Page 12B, Chesnee Rt 1, Hse #190,Rents Farm
    Edmonds, Lizzie Head F W 51 Widow Grade 5 b South Carolina Same housein 1935 [b abt 1889]
    Edmonds, Harty [Harding] Son M W 16 Single Grade 6 b South Carolinasame house in 1935 Farm Laborer [b abt 1914]
    Edmonds, May Dau [matches the son Marti/Merdia] F W 12 Grade 5 b SouthCarolina same house [b abt 1928]
    Edwards, Lila [Laura] Dau F W 29 Single Grade 5 b South Carolina samehouse Farm Laborer [b abt 1911]
    Edwards, Pansy Dau F W 24 Single Grade 4 South Carolina same houseFarm Laborer [b abt 1916]
    - page 13A -
    Edwards, Odel Son M W 20 Single Grade 4 b South Carolina same house in1935 Farm Laborer [b abt 1914]

    Notice that in the 1940 census, Lizzie's birth state is reported asSouth Carolina, while in 1930 it was North Carolina.  North Carolinaappears to be the correct birth state.  Also every child in thehousehold was also reported born in South Caroilna, but in 1930 thetwo girls Laura and Pansy were reported born in North Carolina. andOdell in South Carolina.  Laura's North Carolina Delayed birthcertificate reports that she was born in Polk County, North Carolina.This is likely the location of Pansy's birth also, but her birthrecord has not yet been found.

    Obituary Summary
    Chesnee - Lizzie Edmonds, Age 61
    Residence Rt 2, Chesnee, South Carolina
    Wife of [William Edwards &] E L Edmonds
    Died at a Spartanburg Hospital Thursday [7 April 1949] after a 10-dayillness
    Among survivors:
    daughters Laura Edmonds, Pansy Johnson
    3 sons Odell, Harding & Merdia Edmonds
    stepdaughter Nervie Tyler
    9 stepsons Bill, Dewey, Willard, T S, Hicks, Shelton & G R
    Funeral  Services Saturday [9 April 1949] at Rock Hill Baptist Churchnear Inman by the Revs Carl O Page, Wayne Wyatt and Vernon Biship
    Burial in the church cemetery by Johnson Mortuary
    --  Spartanburg Herald-Journal, 8 April 1949 [Friday], p 3, Courtesyof Kelly Jane O

    Lizzie Webb Edmonds
    Birth Feb. 11, 1888
    Death Mar. 17, 1949 [tranwscription error; the date on the stone isApr 7, 1949, also on her obit]
    Wife of 1st husband, William Edwards and 2nd husband, Elijah L.Edmonds (1865 - 1938)
    Her obituary appears in the Spartanburg Herald Journal ObituarySection on, April 8, 1949, on page 3.
    Laura Edwards (1910 - 1978)
    Pansy Edwards Johnson (1914 - 2009)
    Odell Alonzo Edmonds (1919 - 1981)
    Burial Lake Bowen Baptist Church Cemetery, Inman, Spartanburg County,South Carolina
    Created by Record Hunter Mar 01, 2010
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #48952628,


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