Michael S HILL Firstwife WILLIAMAE Pansey NOLASTNAME Leona HILL Franklin B HILL Harvey William HILL Roy Robert HILL Horace Amos HILL Oscar Charles HILL Loice G HILL Edwin M HILL Grace V HILL Clarence Buster HILL Edith Gertrude HILL Hattie HILL Parazade BEARDEN Mini tree diagram
William Buster HILL

William Buster HILL1,2,6,3,4,7,5,8

12th Jan 18541,2,3,4,5 - 15th May 19321,2

Life History

12th Jan 1854

Born in Greene County, Missouri.1,2,3,4,5

about 1883

Married Firstwife WILLIAMAE in Texas.5

about Sep 1884

Birth of daughter Michael S HILL in Texas.5

about 1887

Married Pansey NOLASTNAME

before 1888

Death of Firstwife WILLIAMAE in Texas

4th Aug 1888

Birth of daughter Leona HILL in Texas.7,1,5

Feb 1890

Birth of son Franklin B HILL in Texas.5

19th Jan 1892

Birth of son Harvey William HILL in Montague, Montague, Texas.4,9

6th Dec 1893

Birth of son Roy Robert HILL in Decatur, Wise, Texas.4,10,1

26th Nov 1895

Birth of son Horace Amos HILL in Decatur, Wise, Texas.4,11,12,13,8,8

21st Nov 1898

Birth of son Oscar Charles HILL in Alvord, Wise, Texas.14,6,15,16,10,1,4

26th Jul 1900

Birth of son Loice G HILL in Oklahoma Territory.3,4,17,1

about 1901

Death of Pansey NOLASTNAME

about 1901

Married Parazade BEARDEN in Oklahoma Territory

15th Feb 1903

Birth of son Edwin M HILL in Oklahoma Territory.3,4,13,1

about 1905

Birth of daughter Grace V HILL in Oklahoma Territory.3,4

5th Dec 1906

Birth of son Clarence Buster HILL in Oklahoma Territory.3,4,1

about 1910

Birth of daughter Edith Gertrude HILL in Oklahoma.3,4


Birth of daughter Hattie HILL in Washita County, Oklahoma.10


Death of daughter Hattie HILL in Washita County, Oklahoma.10

8th Dec 1921

Death of Parazade BEARDEN in Decatur, Wise, Texas.1,2

15th May 1932

Died in Carnegie, Caddo, Oklahoma.1,2

after 15th May 1932

Buried in Odessa Cemetery, Lake Valley, Washita County, Oklahoma.1


  • "I am the youngest child of Clarence Buster Hill.  My Dad used to tella story about his father, William Buster and the cane he is seen within the photo archive.  William Buster had a club foot, and when thekids misbehaved, he would smack them with that cane.  William Busterwas a Pentecostal minister and my Dad said all the kids were neverspared the rod.  When William died, my Dad was about [25] years old.He went to California and lived with a brother named Harve.  Later, inhis twentys, my Dad, Clarence, went to Texas and met my mother at alocal dance.  They married in 1932 and had 7 children."
    --  Ancestry Comments, Linda Lou Hill Gremillion, 21 Oct 2010,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/11807269/storyx/2447569e-2cca-4df4-bc71-1d31c24a2dea

    "William's daughter Leona was my Great Grandmother. Briefly Leonalived in California near her only son, my Grandfather. I am told thatmy father was a favorite of Leona. Leona is buried in Inglewood,California. See my tree for a picture of her headstone."
    --  Ancestry Comments, dashofginger, 18 Apr 2011,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/11807269/storyx/2447569e-2cca-4df4-bc71-1d31c24a2dea

    Belle Star and James Brothers

    I will always remember daddy telling about listening to grandpa(William Buster) and dad's older brothers about Belle Star and theJames Brothers.   At that time they lived in Missouri on their farmnext to the James Brothers family.  Daddy said they where goodneighbors and never robbed from daddy's family.  He said one dayGrandpa William and Daddy's older brothers were going to town in theirwagon,when a woman came riding by real fast on her horse and past themup.  Well a little later a whole posse rode up and ask them if theyhad seen the woman riding by and they said yes.  They ask who thewoman was and the sheriff said Belle Star. This is just one of thegood stories daddy use to tell us.
    --  Ancestry Stories, Marion,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/11807269/storyx/2447569e-2cca-4df4-bc71-1d31c24a2dea

    1900 Federal Census, Washita County, Oklahoma Territory, 4 June, CloudChief Township, District 207, page 3A,  Hse/Fam #45
    Hill, William B Head  W M Jan 1854 45 married 13 years [mar abt 1887]KY MO MO Farmer Owns
    Hill, Pansey Wife W F Mar 1877 23 married 13 yrs 6 children/6 livingMS GA SC
    Hill, Leona Dau W F Aug 1888  11 TX MS KY [? Compare with the next 5children of Pansey]
    Hill, Franklin B Son W M Feb 1890  10 Single TX KY MS
    Hill, Hovey [Harvey] W Son W M Jan 1892  8 Single TX KY MS
    Hill, Robert R Son W M Dec 1893  6 Single TX KY MS
    Hill, Amos H Son W M Nov 1895  4 Single TX KY MS
    Hill, Charles O Son W M Nov 1897 2 Single TX KY MS
    Hill, Mike S [?] Son W M Sept 1888 [should be about 1884, if age iscorrect] 16 Single TX KY MO

    The last child's name is uncertain, because of the irritating practiceof figuring the tally directly over an entry for a family.  The toppart of the formula from the family below covers part of the namerecord for the last child.  I cannot tell if the "S" is part of thattally or an initial for the child.  Also if his age is correct, he wasborn about 1884, before William and Pansey married.  So this must bethe child of a first wife I have not discovered or seen informationabout.  This is supported by the report of a different birth state,Missouri, from the other chdilren.

    Note that the birth place of the father and mother is opposite onLeona, the first child, from the following 5 children or Pansey.  Thiscould be just an enumerator error on that one entry.  But could thisbe an indication of some other factor?  I note that William isreported in the 1920 census as having been married three timed But thedate of birth reported for Leona falls within the period of timeWilliam and Pansey are reported to have been married.

    The last person listed, Mike S Hill, is reported as a son, yet whilehe is the last listed, he is the oldest in age.  Normally the older,trailing entries are people in the household who are not children.Leona is the first child reported in family genealogies.  And I havenot found one that reports a child named Mike.  Actually, it actuallylooks like Mik, not Mike.  But I cannot make sense of it otherwise.

    Note also that Mike was born about 4 years before William and Panseyare reported to have married, according to his reported age.  The 1900census reports that Pansey has borne 6 children in those 13 years.There are 6 children listed before the entry of Mike S Hill.

    (Mike's reported birth date and his age do not match in this census,either, which is not unusual.  The birth date reported is Sept 1888 orpossibly 1886, but the age is 16.  If he was born in 1888, he would beonly about 11 years old, his 12th birthday coming up in September1900.  But if he was 16, he would have been born in September 1883.)

    The first child, Leona, is reported born August 1888, which matchesthe 13-year marriage period.  And the mother of all the six isreported born in Mississippi like Pansey.  Confirming a differentmother for Mike is his report that his father was born in Kentucky buthis mother was born in Missouri, while all the other children's motherwas born in Mississippi, matching Pansey.

    (Note that the Ancestry.com transcription for some reason reverses thebirth states of William and Pansey, reporting William born inMississippi and Pansey born in Kentucky.  Further other sources reportWilliam born in Missouri.)

    The 1920 census reports that this marriage is William's third.  SoMike is a child of a previously wife.  If there were three wives, Fromthe age, I would say it was the second wife was his mother.  I havenot found a record of any previous marriage or report of such in anygenealogy.

    There is a discrepancy in the length and time of marriage.  The 1900census reports that William and Pansey have been married 13 years,making marriage about 1887.  But the 1910 census reports that Williamand his wife P (which could stand for either Pansey or for Parazade,which the family all know was the name of the mother of most ofWilliam's children).  The 1910 census reports that P has borne 10children and 9 are living.  Nine children are listed in that census,but this list lacks the earlier children we know of:  Leona andFranklin.  And there are 5 new children born since the 1900 census.This leaves us at least 6 children short.

    This seems to indicate that Pansey and Parazade are two separatewives.  Pansey was reported born in Mississippi, but in 1910, P isreported only as born in the US, as are her parents.  In 1920, Beardon(Parazade) is reported born in Mississippi, but her parents were bornin North Carolina, while Pansey's were born in Georgia an SouthCarolina.  While there are errors in such state reports, this obviousdifference seems to indicate that Pansey and Parazade are twodifferent wives.  This would account for the three wives of Williamreported in the 1920 census.

    In 1920 the wife is reported as Beardon (this would be definitely beParazade Bearden) and we are told they have been married 20 years,meaning they married about 1890!  This makes it appear that Pansey of1900 and Beardon of 1910 are the same wife, with some error inreported length of marriage.  But the difference in birth states fortheir parents supports their separate identify.  The biggestdiscrepancy, though, is the number of children.  It seems pretty clearthat Pansey is not Parazade.  Unfortunately Oklahoma even today doesnot publish its marriage records freely.  So we cannot easily confirmthe marriage details.  You still have to apply by mail and pay to getthe records that virtually every other state makes available free onthe Internet.

    It appears that various family genealogies have combined at least twowives, Parazade/Pansey and the mother of Mike.  The 1920 census doesnot report length of marriage or year of first marriage.  I have notfound William in the 1930 census.  He died in 1932.  Parazade andPansey are probably also separate persons.  There is some discrepancyin the total number of children born as reported in the 1900 and 1910census, but we have the names of most, and lack the name of one whodied before 1900.  I have not found, however, any genealogy thatreports a previous wife, or reports Mike as a child of William, eventhough the 1900 census reports him as William's son.

    1910 Federal Census, Washita County, Oklahoma, 23 April, RainyTownship, District 265, page 6A, Hse/Fam #87
    Hill, W B Head M W 56 3rd Marriage Married 20 yrs US US US Farmer
    Hill, P Wife F W 41 1st Marriage Married 20 yrs  10 children/9 livingUS US US No Occupation
    Hill, Harvey Son M W 18 TX US US
    Hill, Roy  Son M W 16 TX US US [matches Robert R in 1900]
    Hill, Horace Son M W 14 TX US US [matches Amos H in 1900]
    Hill, Oscar Son M W 12 TX US US [matches Charles O in 1900]
    Hill, Loice Son M W 10 OK US US
    Hill, Eddie Son M W 7 OK US US
    Hill, Gracie Dau M W 5 OK US US
    Hill, Clarance [sic] Son M W 3 OK US US
    Hill, Edith Dau M W 4mos OK US US [b abt Nov 1909]

    Hattie Hill
    Birth 1913, Death 1913
    William Buster Hill 1854 - 1932
    Parazade/Pansey/Paroze Bearden 1869 - 1922
    --  Collier Family,http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/17163020/person/508512633

    1920 Federal Census, Washita County, Oklahoma, 2 January, OakdaleTownship, District 192, page 1A, Hse/Fam #1
    Hill, William B  Head  Owns M W 65 Married MO TN TN Farmer
    Hill, Beardon Wife F W 50 Married MS NC SC
    Hill, Lois G Son M W 19 OK MO MS
    Hill, Edgar M Son M W 16 OK MO MS
    Hill, Grace V Dau F W 14 OK MO MS
    Hill, Clarence B Son M W 12 OK MO MS
    Hill, Gertrude T Dau F W 9 OK MO MS

    The child named Edith in the 1910 census is reported in 1920 asGertrude T.  Did she have three given names, or did the enumeratormake an error on her middle name?

    Parazade died in 1921.  I have not been able to find William in the1930 census.

    William Buster Hill
    Birth Jan. 12, 1854 Greene County, Missouri
    Death May 15, 1932 Carnegie, Caddo County, Oklahoma
    Spouse Parizied (Parazade) Bearden Hill (1869 - 1921)
    Burial Odessa Cemetery, Lake Valley, Washita County, Oklahoma
    Created by Rita Collvins Mayfield Jan 04, 2008
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #23746845,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=23746845


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