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Frances Leah HILL

Frances Leah HILL8,3,6,4,5,6,7

24th Mar 18634 - 12th May 19211,2,5,7

Life History

24th Mar 1863

Born in Cass County, Texas.2,3,4,5,6,7

(most likely)

Mar 1867

Born in Tennessee.4

(less likely)

20th Sep 1883

Married Andrew Wyette BRINKLEY in Cass County, Texas.3,4,6

4th Sep 1884

Birth of daughter Blanche Lenora BRINKLEY in Texas.2,4,9,10

2nd Feb 1886

Birth of son Forrest Lee BRINKLEY in Dofford, Erath, Texas.11,12,8,13,14,15,10,7,16

Feb 1887

Birth of son Horace L BRINKLEY in Texas

28th Nov 1889

Birth of son Jeffie Clarence BRINKLEY in Waxahachie, Ellis, Texas.4,17,18,19,17,20,21

15th Jun 1892

Birth of daughter Martha Leora BRINKLEY in Texas.3,4,10,18

16th Apr 1896

Birth of son Reuben Cole BRINKLEY in Cleburne, Johnson, Texas.3,22,13,23,24,25,4,26,17,27

3rd Oct 1898

Birth of son William Franklin BRINKLEY in Texas.4,7

14th Jul 1900

Birth of daughter Mollie Mae BRINKLEY in Parker County, Texas.3,24,10

before 1910

Death of son William Franklin BRINKLEY.3

12th May 1921

Died in Round Timber, Baylor, Texas.1,2,5,7

after 12th May 1921

Buried in Westover Cemetery, Westover, Baylor County, Texas.1,2


  • A couple of family genealogies report information on Frances Leah Hill.

    Frances Leah Hill
    Birth 24 Mar 1863 in Cass County, Texas
    Death 12 May 1921 in Roundtimber, Baylor, Texas
    Parents Benjamin Franklin Hill 1826-1901
    Margaret Emily Dobbs 1840-1892
    Marriage 25 Sep 1883 to Andrew Wyette Brinkley
    --  Williams/Brinkley/Mason/Vaughn Family Tree,

    This source reports a different marriage date from another family source that comes to us from Molllie Mae Alexander, who says Frances Leah married Andrew Wyette Brinkley on 20 September 1883.

    "Andrew Wyette Brinkley, born April 14 1862  in Dyer Co Tenn.  Frances Leah Hill born March 24 1863 in Cass Co Tex.  They were married Sept 20th 1883 in Cass Co Tex."
    --  Mollie Mae Brinkley Alexander Family Notes

    This report conflicts with the census report of 1900, were Fannie Leah reports she was born in March 1867 in Tennessee.  The birth in Tennessee is interesting.  A genealogy of the Hills reports that Benjamin Franklin married both his wives in Cass County, Texas.  His second wife, Emily Margaret Dobbs, was Fannie Leah's mother.

    In 1900, Fannie Leah and her husband Andrew Wyette Brinkley were living next door to widowed Benjamin Franklin HIll and three younger children.  All these children are reported as born in Texas.  I cannot determine where Mollie Mae got the birth date of 24 March 1863 for Fannie Leah.  But it matches the birth date given in the Williams genealogy cited above.

    1900 Federal Census, Johnson County, Texas, 4 June, Grandview, District 64, page 4A, Hse/Family #63
    Brinkley, A W Head W M Apr 1862  38 Married 16 years TX TX TX Farmer Rents
    Brinkley, F L W F Apr 1867  33 Married 16 years 9 children 6 living  TN NC NC

    We know birth dates and places are often wrong in the census.  The oddest thing about the census is that Fannie Leah reported she was born in Tennessee.  The age of 33 that she reports, however, matches the birth date reported in the census, which makes the birth date in 1867 seem viable.  But we find that in 1910, Fannie is reported as 47 years old, matching a birth year of 1863!

    1910 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 18 April, Weatherford, District 67, page 4A, 45 Weatherford Street, Hse/Fam #77
    Brinkley, Andrew W Head M W 48 Married 26 years Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Farmer Rents
    Brinkley, Frances L  Wife F W 47 Married 26 years 10 children 6 living  TX TN TX
    Brinkley, Laura Mattie Dau F W 17 TX TN TX
    Brinkley, Reuben Cole Son M W 14 TX TN TX
    Brinkley, Mollie May  F W 9 TX TN TX

    We see another change in this census.  Fannie's birth place is now Texas, and instead of North Carolina, her parents are reported born in Tennessee and Texas, the locations we have found in other public and family sources.  The child reported previously as Martha L is now Laura Mattie.  Mattie is the nickname for Martha and the L stood for Laura.  We are uncertain at this point, though, of the order of the names.  I would venture that the original was Martha Laura.  But if she had decided to go by Laura, "Laura Mattie" sounds good.

    We see from the first genealogy cited above that Frances Leah was living in Round Timber, Baylor County, Texas, at the time of her death.  It is thought that she died at home.  Here is a bit of information about Round Timber, Texas.

    ROUND TIMBER, TEXAS. Round Timber, on Farm Road 2374 near the Throckmorton county line in southeast Baylor County, became the first permanent settlement in the county in 1874 when John W. Stevens built a cabin. Col. C. C. (Lum) Mills tried to settle there in the late 1850s or early 1860s, but hostile Indians forced him away; he returned in 1875. The site was named for two round clumps of trees useful for building material. In the mid-1890s the community was moved four miles northwest, where it prospered as a trading center for some years. The population declined to twenty-five in 1940 and ten in 1980. In 1990 it was recorded as eight. The population was two in 2000.

    BIBLIOGRAPHY: Baylor County Historical Society, Salt Pork to Sirloin, Vol. 1: The History of Baylor County, Texas, from 1879 to 1930 (Quanah, Texas: Nortex, 1972); Vol. 2: The History of Baylor County, Texas, from 1878 to Present (1977).
    --  William R. Hunt, Handbook of Texas Online, s.v. "Round Timber, Texas" (accessed August 22, 2009)


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