Elijah William BRINKLEY Blanche Lenora BRINKLEY Forrest Lee BRINKLEY Horace L BRINKLEY Jeffie Clarence BRINKLEY Martha Leora BRINKLEY Reuben Cole BRINKLEY William Franklin BRINKLEY Mollie Mae BRINKLEY Frances Leah HILL Martha GARRISON Mini tree diagram
Andrew Wyette BRINKLEY

Andrew Wyette BRINKLEY1,2,3,4,5,6,8

14th Apr 18628 - 10th Jan 19351,7

Life History

14th Apr 1861

Born in Dyersburg, Dyer, Tennessee.8

(less likely)

14th Apr 1862

Born in Newbern, Dyer, Tennesse.1,2,3,4,5,6

(most likely)

20th Sep 1883

Married Frances Leah HILL in Cass County, Texas.2,4,30

4th Sep 1884

Birth of daughter Blanche Lenora BRINKLEY in Texas.9,4,8,10

2nd Feb 1886

Birth of son Forrest Lee BRINKLEY in Dofford, Erath, Texas.11,12,13,14,6,15,10,16,17

Feb 1887

Birth of son Horace L BRINKLEY in Texas

28th Nov 1889

Birth of son Jeffie Clarence BRINKLEY in Waxahachie, Ellis, Texas.4,18,19,20,18,21,22

15th Jun 1892

Birth of daughter Martha Leora BRINKLEY in Texas.2,4,10,19

16th Apr 1896

Birth of son Reuben Cole BRINKLEY in Cleburne, Johnson, Texas.2,23,14,24,3,25,4,26,18,27

3rd Oct 1898

Birth of son William Franklin BRINKLEY in Texas.4,16

14th Jul 1900

Birth of daughter Mollie Mae BRINKLEY in Parker County, Texas.2,3,10

before 1910

Death of son William Franklin BRINKLEY.2

12th May 1921

Death of Frances Leah HILL in Round Timber, Baylor, Texas.28,9,29,16

10th Jan 1935

Died in Anson, Jones, Texas.1,7


  • 1880 Federal Census, Dyer County, Tennessee,5 June, Civil District 6, Enumeration District 15, page 14, Hse #112, Fam #114
    Brinkley, Martha  W F 36 Widow Keeping House TN NC TN
    Brinkley, And W  W M 18  Son  Farmer TN TN TN

    In 1900 Andrew and Fannie Leah are living in Johnson County, Texas.

    1900 Federal Census, Johnson County, Texas, 4 June, Grandview, District 64, page 4A, Hse/Family #63
    Brinkley, A W Head W M Apr 1862  38 Married 16 years TX TX TX Farmer Rents
    Brinkley, F L W F Apr 1867  33 Married 16 years 9 children 6 living  TN NC NC
    Brinkley, Blanche L  W F Sept 1884  15 TX TX TX
    Brinkley, Horace L  W M Feb 1887  13 TX TX TX
    Brinkley, Jeffie C  W M Apr 1889  10 TX TX TX
    Brinkley, Martha L  W F June 1892  7 TX TX TX
    Brinkley, Ruben C  W M Nov 1896  4 TX TX TX
    Brinkley, William F  W M Oct 1898  1 TX TX TX

    1910 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 18 April, Weatherford, District 67, page 4A, 45 Weatherford Street, Hse/Fam #77
    Brinkley, Andrew W Head M W 48 Married 26 years Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Farmer Rents
    Brinkley, Frances L  Wife F W 47 Married 26 years 10 children 6 living  TX TN TX
    Brinkley, Laura Mattie Dau F W 17 TX TN TX
    Brinkley, Reuben Cole Son M W 14 TX TN TX
    Brinkley, Mollie May  F W 9 TX TN TX

    Note that in this census, Fannie's birth place is now Texas, and instead of North Carolina, her parents are reported born in Tennessee and Texas, the location we have found in other public and family sources.  The child reported previously as Martha L is now Laura Mattie.  Mattie is the nickname for Martha and the L stood for Laura.  We are uncertain at this point, though, of the order of the names.  I would venture that the original was Martha Laura.  But if she had decided to go by Laura, "Laura Mattie" sounds good.

    1920 Federal Census, Baylor County, Texas, 8 January, Justice Precinct 3 (near Westover), District 13, page 1B, Hse/Fam #5
    Brinkley, Andrew W Head  Owns M W 57 Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Section Foreman, Railroad
    Brinkley, Frances L  Wife F W 56 TX TX TN
    Brinkley, Reuben Cole Son M W 23 Widowed TX TN TX Barber
    Brinkley, Mollie M  Dau F W 19 TX TN TX
    Brinkley, Martha  Mother F W 75 Widow TN US US
    Brinkley, Reuben W Grandson M W 2yrs10mos TX TX TX

    The last listed here is Reuben Wyette, son of Reuben Cole.  We see from the marriage status of Reuben that his first wife died between the 1910 and 1920 censuses.  Brinkley family sources tell us she died in 1918, having borne one son, Reuben Wyette Brinkley in 1917.

    In 1930, Andrew has been widowed and is living with his son Forrest and his wife Fannie.  (Forrest is listed here as Lee.)

    1930 Federal Census, Parker County, Texas, 7 April, Weatherford, District 1, page 17A, 305 Edna Street, Hse #156, Family #165
    Brinkley, Lee Head Rents Home  M W 43 TX TN TX Laborer, Railroad
    Brinkley, Fannie  Wife F W 49 OK MS GA
    Brinkley, Audna M Dau F W 22 TX TX OK
    Brinkley, Lucile  Dau F W 16 TX TX OK
    ** Brinkley, Andrew W  Father F W 67 Widowed TN TN TN **

    I have not posted all the Brinkley generations.  Andrew's mother was Martha Garrison.  Her basic information is provided from the Westover Cemetery List.

    --  Brinkley Burials, Westover Cemetery, Baylor County, Texas, http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txbaylor/westover.htm?cj=1&o_xid=0001201625&o_lid=0001201625

    A genealogy provides family information.

    Andrew Wyette Brinkley, Born 14 Apr 1862 in Newbern, Dyer, Tennessee, Died 10 Jan 1935 in Anson, Jones, Texas
    Elijah W Brinkley 1841-1870
    Martha Garrison 1844-1928
    Marriage 25 Sep 1883 to Frances Leah Hill 1863-1921
    Blanche Lenora Brinkley 1884 - 1964
    Theodosia Jane Brinkley 1886 - 1888
    Forrest Lee Brinkley 1887 - 1954
    Jefferson Clarence Brinkley 1889 - 1964
    Martha Leora Brinkley 1892 - 1972
    Eddie Brinkley 1893 - 1893
    Ester Edna Brinkley 1894 - 1895
    Reuben Cole Brinkley 1896 - 1957
    William Franklin Brinkley 1898 - 1904
    Mollie Mae Brinkley 1904 - 1981
    --  Williams/Brinkley/Mason/Vaughn Family Tree, http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/49994/person/-2136232450

    Andrew's daughter Blanche Lenora Brinkley Williams wrote some brief notes about the family.  I received a scanned copy of this from cousin-researcher Marion Mixon on 9 July 2009.  Here is my transcription and notes.


    A W Brinkley, my father was born in April 14 1861 at Dyersburg Tenn; came to Texas after he was grown but I don't remember just how old he was.  They lived in Ellis Co, and went to a little church called Glenco church, close to the line of Hill Co; my grandfather Hill owned a farm that lay in Ellis, Hill, and Johnson Co; my father and mother met at church where they both sang in the choir.  They had known each other about a year, when they were married in a little chapel close to grandfather Hills [sic] farm:  by Rev. D. I. Smith who married me around 16 years (maybe not quite) later.

    Dad and mother Frances Leah Hill were married in the summer or spring of 1882.  I was born in 1884.

    My mother was born March 25 1862.  Married when she was 20 years old; so it was probably in 1882 when they married.

    Was borned [sic] in Cass Co. Tex where her father [w]as sheriff there 4 years, before he bought the farm in Ellis, Hill, and Johnson:  as the 3 counties cornered on the farm.  He paid taxes in the 3 counties.

    [This line added in a different hand] Written by Blanche Williams

    In Blanche's handwriting, scanned by Helen Lopez
    Received from Marion Butch Mixon 9 July 2009

    Transcribed by Orville Boyd Jenkins 10 July 2009
    I have tried to keep the spelling, paragraphing and punctuation the same as the original.

    The note was written on the back side of a two-hole-punched half-size page of loose-leaf notebook paper.

    Note that her dates are one year off from the Williams genealogy source.  It appears that the Williams dates are correct, and for some reason Blanche has remembered them differently.  Notable is her mother's birth date, on which she bases an estimate of the year her parents married.  The dates in the Williams genealogy will match Blanche's report that her mother married at the age of 20.  This makes Frances Leah Hill born in 1863 and the couple married in September 1883, which is after Frances' 20th birthday in March 1883.

    Blanche reports her father born in 1861 instead of 1862 as the Williams genealogy says.  She also names the place of birth as Dyersburg, rather than the nearby town/city of Newbern, as reported by the Williams info.  Seeing the geographical and demographical setup, my suspicion is that they lived in the rural community of Dyersburg, but he was born in the nearby city of Newbern.


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