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Winney Ann BEARDEN

Winney Ann BEARDEN5,6,7

also known as Winnie Ann BEARDEN4

also known as Winna GREEN2

18221,2,3 - after 18602

Life History


Born in Hall County, Georgia.1,2,3

9th Dec 1841

Married Toliver GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.26,7,4

Dec 1842

Birth of daughter Talitha GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.8,4,9,10

8th Jul 1844

Birth of son Daniel David GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.11,12,13,4,4


Birth of daughter Mary GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.14,3,4,4

Nov 1848

Birth of son Jacob GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.15,16,17,3,4,4


Resident in Gilmer County, Georgia.3

after 1st Jun 1850

Birth of son Jackson GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.2,4,4


Birth of daughter Winna GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.4,4


Birth of daughter Cynthia GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.4,4

May 1858

Birth of daughter Elizabeth GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.18,19,4


Residence2 in Gainesvile, Cooke, Texas.2

after 1860

Died in Unknown.2

21st Jan 1861

Birth of son James Toliver GREEN in Gainesville, Cooke, Texas.4,20,21,22,23,24,25


  • The Gilmer County Marriage register records Winney's marriage toToliver Green:
    Gilmer County Marriages,  Book 1, Volume 19
    Issued 7 December 1841
    GREEN, Toliver
    Winney Ann Bearden
    Ceremony December 9, 1841 by Rev A. N. Miles, GM

    In October 2010, I received a copy of the actual handwritten recordfrom the Georgia record books, found in Georgia's Virtual Vault - Book1835-1852 Micro Film by a cousin Cynthia Mixon Beam.  Here is mytranscription of the document.

    Georgia, Gilmer County, page 19
    To any minister of the Gospel, Judge of the Superior Court, Justice ofthe Inferior Court or Justice of the Peace.
    You are hereby authorized to join Toliver Green and Winney Ann Beardinin Lawful bonds of Matrimony agreeable to the Constitution and Laws ofthis State.
    Given under my hand and seal this 7th Day of December 1841.
    William Ervin C.C.C. (US)
    Georgia, Gilmer County
    I certify the foregoing was duly executed before me, this 9th day ofDecember 1841.
    A. N. Giles G.M.
    Recorded February 24th Day 1842
    William Ervin C.C.C.

    Winnie Bearden's name is also spelled Winney, in some genealogies, andin the 1850 census, Gilmer County, Georgia.

    Winnie and Toliver have 4 children at the time of the 1850 census.

    1850 Federal Census, Gilmer County, Georgia, Subdivision 33, page 397B(scan #100), Hse/Fam #691
    Toliver Green 33 M Farmer born SC
    Winney Green 28 F born GA
    Telitha Green 7 F born GA
    Daniel Green 6 M born GA
    Mary Green 4 F born GA
    Jacob Green 1 M born GA

    Before the 1860 census, they moved to North Texas, and are enumeratedin Gainesville, near the Red River border with Chickasaw Nation,Indian Territory.  Most of their children later moved into IndianTerritory.

    1860 Federal Census, Cooke County, Texas, 21 July, Gainesville, page58, Hse #481, Fam #496
    Taiferro [Taliaferro or Toliver] Green  48 M Farmer [No real estatevalue] $250 Personal Estate  born SC
    Winna [Winney] Green  38 F Georgia
    Daniel Green  16 M born Georgia
    Mary Green  14 F born Georgia
    Jacob Green  12 M born Georgia
    Jackson Green  10 M born Georgia
    Winna Green  8 F born Georgia
    Elizabeth Green  6 F born Georgia
    Cyntha Green  3 F born Georgia

    Several genealogies report that Winney died in 1900, in LimestoneCounty, Alabama, but give no documentation for that fact.  I have beenunable to find any information on her death.  The last place ofresidence documented for Winey Ann Bearden is Gainesvile, CookeCounty, Texas, in the 1860 census.

    Several genealogies have copied from each other the unsupported reportof Winney's death in Limestone Co AL. No such genealogy gives asource.  I have found no info that Winney moved to Alabama at such alate stage in life.  I have found no record of place or date, but allindications are she was in either north Texas or southern IndianTerritory.  Her various children are documented in these areas.

    And keep in mind, when she died her last name was Green, not Bearden.


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