Daniel John GREEN Isaac GREEN John GREEN Thomas Perry GREEN Frances GREEN Daniel GREEN Elizabeth GREEN Andrew Jackson GREEN Talitha GREEN Daniel David GREEN Mary GREEN Jacob GREEN Jackson GREEN Winna GREEN Cynthia GREEN Elizabeth GREEN James Toliver GREEN Winney Ann BEARDEN Enoch GREEN Isona GREEN Mary UNKNOWN Mini tree diagram
Toliver GREEN

Toliver GREEN8,5,7,6,2,3,3,3,4,9

also known as Taliaferro Green

18176,2 - after 18667,2,3

Life History


Born in South Carolina.6,2

(less likely)


Born in South Carolina.1,4,5

(most likely)

9th Dec 1841

Married Winney Ann BEARDEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.28,8,5

Dec 1842

Birth of daughter Talitha GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.10,5,11,12

8th Jul 1844

Birth of son Daniel David GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.13,14,15,5,5


Birth of daughter Mary GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.16,6,5,5

Nov 1848

Birth of son Jacob GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.17,18,19,6,5,5


Resident in Subdivision 33, Gilmer County, Georgia.6

after 1st Jun 1850

Birth of son Jackson GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.1,5,5


Birth of daughter Winna GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.5,5


Birth of daughter Cynthia GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.5,5

after 1857

Residence2 in Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas, moved from Georgia.1

May 1858

Birth of daughter Elizabeth GREEN in Gilmer County, Georgia.20,21,5

after 1860

Death of Winney Ann BEARDEN in Unknown.1

between 1860 and 1866

Residence3: 1860 census, Cooke County tax rolls, military records in Cooke County, Texas.1,2,3,3,3

21st Jan 1861

Birth of son James Toliver GREEN in Gainesville, Cooke, Texas.5,22,23,24,25,26,27

after 1866

Died in Gainesville, Cooke, Texas.7,2,3

after 1866


BET 30 JAN AND 01 JUN 1864

Military service: 1st Frontier District, Maj William Quayle, Commanding; Mustered inFeb 1, 1864, Discharge: Served 20 days at $2 = $40; Muster Rolldated Jan 30, 1864, mustered out June 1 1864 in Cooke County, Texas.2


  • Toliver Green was the son of Daniel David Green and Mary .

    The name Toliver appears in several Green lineages from east to west,which may indicate some relationship between the lines of Greens.There are several lines of Greens, however, that we find in Texas andOklahoma, that I have not been able to tie together.  The name Toliveror Tolliver is a family name, but until July 2009 I had not been ableto determine the origin of this.  Only then did I discover the originof this unusual name.

    This is an anglicisation of the Italian name Talliaferro.  I knew thisfamily name from my childhood in North Texas.  But I had never knownthat this name was associated with a noble English family involved inthe early settlement of Virginia.  The Greens and Talliaferros, alongwith several other prominent families, intermarried and signs of theirlinkage shows up in the use of the family names as given names for thelines with other surnames.  A good example is the individual namedJames Green Tolliver (1886-1981) in Summers County.
    --  Taliaferro/Toliver Times, Issue 25,http://www.spingola.com/TaliaferroTimes/TT25.htm

    We would then expect our Toliver Green to have ancestors with thesurname Toliver or Tolliver.  Perhaps this clue will lead to the linkbetween the other Green lines who are otherwise unrelated but alsohave a recurrence of the name Toliver/Tolliver as a given name inOklahoma.

    "The (M) stands for Mary.  I have my great grandmother's supplementalapplication.  Her name was Fannie Bryant Bruce.  Her father was HardyBryant.  Hardy's mom was Fannie Green, daughter of Daniel Green & MaryGreen.  There was the name Mashack in the old Green Bible, saidWilliam Bryant, brother of Hardy Bryant.  They were rejected on theirCherokee blood, but I know they were Cherokee.  Fannie Green was bornin 1808, had a brother Isaac 1801, John 1804, Thomas 1806, Fannie1808, Daniel 1810, Elizabeth 1812, Andrew Jackson 1815, Toliver 1817,Enoch 1820, Isona 1823."
    --  Gary Cruce, message on profile for Mary Green, wife of Daniel JohnGreen, on OurFamily genealogy, 10 July 2015,http://www.ourfamtree.org/browse.php?pid=60396

    Toliver is mentioned among early settlers in Cooke County, Texas,under the name Taliferro Green.

    "By 1860, there were nearly 40 families listed in the census from FishCreek to the river bottoms of Sivells Bend, Warrens Bend and BlueHollow. Among them were William Blue, Orastus Blue, Randolf Bateman,Taliferro Green, William Kuykendall, Dr. J.B. Stone, Richard Corn,Thomas Rose, Lankston Pace, D.C. Wheeler, Wm. H. Hobbs, James Potter,Ben Scanland, Garrot Addington, James L. Corbitt, William Simpson andRobert Ragsdale"
    --  Barbara Pybas, Sivells Bend Community History,http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txcooke/sivells_bend_history.htm

    Read more about the Taliaferro/Toliver family in Taliaferro/ToliverTimes, Issue 25, http://www.spingola.com/TaliaferroTimes.

    Gilmer County, Georgia Marriages 1840-1841
    License 7 December 1841 authorizing the marriage of
    Toliver Green and Winney Ann Beardin
    Issued by William Ervin, County Clerk
    Executed 9 December 1841 by A N Miles, Minister of the Gospel
    Gilmer County, Georgia, Marriage Book p 19

    Toliver Green and his wife Winney are found in Gilmer County, Georgia,in the 1850 census.  They moved to northern Texas a little before1860.

    1850 Federal Census, Gilmer County, Georgia, page 397B (scan #100),Hse/Fam #691
    Toliver Green 33 M Farmer born SC
    Winney Green 28 F born GA
    Telitha Green 7 F born GA
    Daniel Green 6 M born GA
    Mary Green 4 F born GA
    Jacob Green 1 M born GA

    A match to Toliver's parents and siblings was made by comparison to agenealogy from World Family Tree, Volume 4.  The date range estimatedin WFT for Toliver's birth matches the birth year we have based oncensus information on the known Toliver Green in our family.

    The father's birthplace in this tree was South Carolina, matching twodifferent family sources for South Carolina as the birthplace forToliver.  This also matches the information in WFT that Toliver'sbrother Thomas Perry Green, the last brother born before Toliver, wasalso born in South Carolina.

    Toliver is listed in the court records of Hall Co, GA dated 8 Apr 1859as receiving $77.00 as part of his distribution share of the estate ofDaniel Green.
    --  World Family Tree, Volume 4, Pedigree #1286

    This family was known to the Greens of Oklahoma who were descendantsof Toliver Jorile Green, son of Jack Green.  Loretta Gregory Gay(granddaughter of Toliver Jorile Green) had compiled the namesremembered by her mother's family.  The name of Toliver, grandfatherof Toliver Jorile, was not known.

    Other names and information, including the name of Toliver and hiswife Winnie Ann Bearden, was provided by Linda Hanks of Weatherford,Texas, who discussed this family on a RootsWeb email discussion group.

    Linda reported all the children she knew were all born in Georgia.Not all the children listed by Linda were known to the family inOklahoma.  Linda, likewise, did not have the name of James ToliverGreen, last-born child of Toliver Green.  James was the brother ofJackson (Jack) Green, father of Toliver Jorile.

    James Toliver was born in Texas, in January 1861.  Linda reported thatToliver and family were in Cooke County, Texas, in 1860.  I found thecensus record showing them in or near Gainesville.  This informationon children thus meshes.  Toliver Jorile was born in Hill County,Texas.

    Here is a reconciliation list of the persons as reported by LorettaGregory Gay and Linda Hanks.

    Hanks               Gregory
    ======             =======
    Delitha              Talitha
    Daniel (David)   Dan
    Jacob               Jake
    Jackson            Jack
    Elizabeth           Lizzie
    Cynthia             Cynthia
    James Toliver

    Jackson was no doubt named for Toliver's brother Andrew Jackson.  Nodocumentation has been found, but we suspect that Toliver's sonJackson was also Andrew JAckson.  He always went by Jack.

    Other lists found since then have similar names for these childrenshown in the census.  Another variation of Talitha's name is Delithia,provided by Marion Mixon, also researching this family.  Othervariations in various records and genealogies are Telitha, Telithiaand Delthia.  The spelling on her marriage certificate is Delitha.But most censuses have some form of the name starting with a T.

    Loretta also had information that matched Linda's on the husband ofTalitha/Delitha.  Her Green family know her husband as Abe, while thefull name was reported in Linda's information: Abraham Jasper Jackson. (The middle name Jasper has been proven to be an error, from anerroneous asocation of our Abraham with an Abraham Jasper Jackson ofMontgomery, Alabama, whose further details and family configuratoinconflict with other known facts of Abraham Jackson who maried TalithaGreen and moved to Indian Territory.)

    In 1860, we find this family near Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas.They are living on a farm, but their post office is Gainesville, thecounty seat.  This is straight north of Denton, on the Red River [nowon I-35].  Toliver's name is unusual here.  Ancestry has transcribedthe entry as Taifeno, which has, of course, been reported and copiedby various genealogies.  THe current speling on Ancesstry is Taifern,ignoring the final O.  In May 2011, in rethinking details about thisfamily, a sudden connection lit up.  In rechecking the Green familyentries, I realized this name in the 1860 census is Taiferro, notTaifeno.

    This directly relates to the original form of this name, the familyname of Taliaferro.  The two Rs here, written as print Rs linked toadjoining letters and seen by most as an N, look just like other Rs onthis page!  This probably indicates that Toliver knew and reported thename as a from of that original name Taliaferro.  The pronunciationmay have modified the name as Toliver said it, or the enumerator maynot have heard or represented it accurately.  In one tax roll, hisname wa also spelled as Talapher.

    1860 Federal Census, Cooke County, Texas, 21 July, Gainesville, page58, Hse #481, Fam #496
    Taiferro [Taliaferro or Toliver] Green  48 M Farmer [No real estatevalue] $250 Personal Estate  born SC
    Winna [Winney] Green  38 F Georgia
    Daniel Green  16 M born Georgia
    Mary Green  14 F born Georgia
    Jacob Green  12 M born Georgia
    Jackson Green  10 M born Georgia
    Winna Green  8 F born Georgia
    Elizabeth Green  6 F born Georgia
    Cyntha Green  3 F born Georgia

    Other names in the family are quite readable and match exactly thoseknown otherwise.  Four children have been born since the 1850 censusin Georgia:
    Jackson 10, Winna 8, Elizabeth 6 and Cyntha (Cynthia) 3

    The census shows all children born in Georgia.  The youngest, Cynthia,is 3, so the family moved sometime after June 1857.  No further recordhas been found of Mary and Wina.  these daughters may have died young. These names were not even known to Toliver Jorile Green's family.

    Many genealogies report Daniel as the father of Toliver and hissiblings.  The information I have on Daniel (or Daniel John) Green,reported to be the father of Toliver, is that his wife's name beganwith an M, but I have found no source with the full name of the wife.There may have been an earlier Daniel I have not yet found insourcest.

    A cousin and researcher on our Green and Jackson lines, Kati Cain, inFebruary 2015 discovered some Texas tax rolls naming Toliver Green andhis son Daniel in Cooke County.  Both appear in several years' taxrolls.  The first year we find them is 1862

    Texas, County Tax Rolls, 1846-1910
    Cooke County, 1862
    Green, Toliver  Poll Tax $1.00  State Tax $2.14
    --  FamilySearch.org

    Kati also found records referring ot pioneers in the Gainesville areaindicating that Toliver Green owned land north of Gainesville in theSivells Bend area.  This is a little peninsula of Texas surrounded bya meander of the Red River where it curves north to a point justsouthwest of the city limits of Marietta, Oklahoma, then flows backsouth, then a little bit southwest before continuing in a somewhateastern direction, to give the Texas-Oklahoma a jigsaw puzzle look.

    Also in February 2015 another cousin and coresearcher on the Greensand Jacksons, Marion Mixon, found some military records that appear tobe for our Toliver Green  He was in Cooke County, Texas, where he wasenumerated in the 1860 census.  In 1864, he served for a short time asa Private in the Texas State Troopers, a frontier force cooperatingwith the Confederate States of America army during the Civil War.

    The name Cook is discernible, and appears to be saying Cook County,though the name of the Texas county where Toliver lived was spelledCooke.  This was about 18 months before the end of the Civil War.This is the first indication I have had that he was in the militaryafter moving to Texas.

    Military Record Card
    Toliver Green, Pvt, age 47 [b abt 1817]
    Commanding Officer Capt James Hill
    Co Cook [Cooke] Co 1st Frontier District, Maj William Quayle,Commanding, TST
    Mustered in Feb 1, 1864, Discharge:  Served 20 days at $2 = $40
    Muster Roll dated Jan 30, 1864, mustered out June 1 1864

    This apparently means "Cooke County Company, 1st Frontier District."The designation TST indicates a Texas state military defense forcecalled Texas State Troops.

    "Texas State Troops, 1861-1865 - From the Texas State Archives --Texas was divided into military brigade districts for the purpose oforganizing State Troops for the defense of the state. Many peopleconfuse military records they receive from the Texas State Archivesthat show the initials "TST" or "TM". Persons with these designationswere members of the various State Troop brigades and not theregiments, battalions, companies, legions, etc. that bore ConfederateStates Army designations."
    --  Texas State Archives,http://gen.1starnet.com/civilwar/tstbrigs.htm

    "Texas State Troopers & the CSA -- Texas State Troopers would beenrolled for a period of 6 months to a year. These TST were eligiblefor pensions and then all TST during the time period were madeeligible."
    --   Sherry Hightower, Texas History Hunters, Genealogy Wise Network,February 9, 2010,http://www.genealogywise.com/group/texashistoryhunters/forum/topics/texas-state-troopers-the-csa

    William Quayle, mentioned on Toliver's TST muster card, and associatedcards for his troop, was a commander responsible for protecting thewesternmost territory of the State of Texas during the Civil War.

    William Quayle commanded the First Frontier District. The First wasthe northern most of the districts and was made up of the present daycounties of Archer, Baylor, Clay, Cooke, Foard (not organized until1891), Hardeman, Haskell, Jack, Jones, Knox, Montague, Palo Pinto,Parker, Shackelford, Stephens, Throckmorton, Wichita, Wilbarger, Wise,and Young.

    All of these volunteers were meant to do the work once performed bythe Rangers. Many men answered the call and helped to defend theirhomes against the dangers presented by living on the frontier.   Thesemen were not members of the Confederate States Army, but were membersof the State Troops of Texas.  They were organized, supplied and paidby the government of Texas.   It was the mission of these men toprotect the western most settlements of Texas against attacks from allenemies. Unfortunately, not a lot of publicity has been given to theirservice.
    --  Texas State Troops,http://www.ctmcm.com/TexasStuff/TXStateTroops.html

    Toliver was listed again on the Cooke County tax rolls in 1884 and1866.  In 1884, his name was closer to the original Italian formToliver comes from, Talliaferro.  It is faded, but appears to readTalapher.  Toliver is not on the rolls in 1867, which I have beenthrough page by page.  From the lack of a record in 1867, it wouldsuggest that Toliver died before the tax roll in January 1867.  But heis also missing from 1865, so that is not definitive.

    Texas, County Tax Rolls, 1846-1910
    Cooke County, 1864
    Green, Talapher  Livestock Value $236 Poll Tax $1.00  State Tax $2.14County Tax $2.06
    --  FamilySearch.org

    Texas, County Tax Rolls, 1846-1910
    Cooke County, 1866, p 7
    Green, Toliver  Poll Tax $1.00  State Tax $.50
    --  FamilySearch.org

    In 1866, listed just above Toliver in the roll is a D Green, whichwould be his son Daniel (Daniel David).  Neither owns land, but Danielhas 1 horse and 5 cattle.  In 1864, Toliver was listed as owningcattle, but not in 1866.

    Texas, County Tax Rolls, 1846-1910
    Cooke County, 1866
    Green, D  1 horse & 5 cattle $75
    Ad Valorem Tax $.15 Poll Tax $1.00  State Tax $.59
    --  FamilySearch.org

    Many other tantalizing clues went unconfirmed for years o0f reserachand collaboration by a number of Green-Jackson researchers.  One ofthese was onsight in the Chickasaw Nation, a registered Chickasawcousin in the Jackson line, Kati Jackson Cain.  Cati was able to dooriginal research on the actual tribal records in their archives andreported in late October 2015 to her cousins Marion Mixon and OrvilleBoyd Jenkins on some critical discoveries from these tribal records,which fill in some gap[s in our knowledge of the Greens and jacksonsin teh late 1860s nd 1870s..

    The Chickasaw Nation issued permits to White citizens so they couldwork and live in the Chickasaw Nation.  We know that the Greens andAbraham and Telitha moved in Chickasaw Nation after 1868.  I havefound permits for "T. Green" and his license is issued under Francis(Colbert) Cochran, now we also know how Daniel Green and FrancisColbert met.  There's also a permit for a William Jackson.  He endedby married to a Chickasaw woman named Annie Donovan.  Here's a link tothe enrollment card he shows up on:

    His father is shown as James M Jackson.  And guess what?  Three dayslater two permits are issued for J. M. Jackson & family and A. S.Jackson and family.  A. S. Jackson matches the last tax record Abrahamshows up on in Cooke County.  I think this is a pretty good start tomore clues.
    --  Kati Linn Cain, report on findings in Chickasaw National Records,Chickasaw Cultural Center, email to Orville Boyd Jenkins and MarionMixon, 24 October 2015

    Permits  No 9  Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation Jan 13th 1870
    "This is to certify that T Green is duly employed by Mrs FrancesChockrain [Cochran] for one year from date.   As farmer.  Given undermy hand, this day and date above written.
    Wm P Worthington District Clerk"

    By 1900 several of the Green and Jackson children had moved to IndianTerritory.  Abraham Jackson does not show up in the 1900 census, buthis wife Talitha (Telitha/Delitha) Green is in Township 8, which seemsto be in the south, what became Love County, Oklahoma. Her brotherJacob Green and her son Sam are in Nash Township of Muskogee County(Creek or Muscogee Nation), in the west central area of Oklahoma.There is some indication that Abe was in the western areas in 1870,but we cannot find a family listing for Telitha.

    In the 1870s, Muskogee was part of Creek Nation, with Cherokee Nationto the north and east.  A Jacob Green, who may be Talitha's brotherJacob, and what appear to be other members of the same Green family,were in some scrapes with the law in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Ft Smithwas on the Arkansas River, on the border of Arkansas with IndianTerritory, and authorities there managed the justice for Oklahoma andIndian Territory.  I have not found details of their residence duringthe 1860s to 1890s.  Jacob is enumerated in the Cherokee Nation censusof 1900.

    There are two main lines of Greens in Oklahoma, with a minor third onethat might be related at a great historical distance.  Our family camefrom Gilmer County, Georgia, with some of them in Whitfield andneighbouring counties at some times.  They came earlier from SouthCarolina, and either from Pennsylvania or Maryland, as I discuss invarious Notes.  They came into Indian Territory from Texas, as did ourJenkins line.  These Greens are mostly dark haired and dark-eyed.Several of this line married Indians.

    Another line came into Oklahoma from Missouri and have antecedents inIllinois and Indiana, it appears, to where they could have also comefrom Pennsylvania or Maryland or even some of the North-South CarolinaGreens appear to have gone through the northwest route of theMid-West.  These from Missouri into Oklahoma, however, are mostlyblond and blue or green-eyed.  Some of these also married Indians.

    Another line that also shows up in central Oklahoma, Pottawatomie andGarvin Counties, came into Indian Territory and Oklahoma around theturn of the century.  They could be a branch of our Gilmer CountyGreens, a group of whom also went from Georgia to Arkansas.  I havenot clearly connected them.  They show up in my genealogy also incentral Arkansas over to central Oklahoma and connect to some otherfamilies we are also related to by marriage.  See entries in thisgenealogy for Isaac Tipton Green and descendants.

    There are additionally some Indians named Green who do not seem to beat all related to these white settler lines named Green.  I havetalked to one descendant of a Jim Green, whom I have not clearlyidentified, who is mixed Cherokee and African-American.  This GeraldGreen lives in the Dallas, Texas, area.


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