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Henry GREEN1

also known as John Henry GREEN2

also known as Henry GREENE

17701 - before 1850

Life History


Born in South Carolina.1


Birth of daughter Mary GREEN in Pendleton Distrtict, South Carolina.3,1,4


Married Alley SAXON.1


Birth of son Saxon GREEN in Pendleton Distrtict, South Carolina.5,1


Birth of son Jeptha GREEN in South Carolina.6,1

about 1819

Birth of son Ambrose GREEN in Pendleton Distrtict, South Carolina.1,7,8


Birth of daughter Matilda GREEN in South Carolina.9,1,10,11,12


Birth of daughter Elizabeth GREEN in Georgia.1,4,13


Birth of daughter Nelly GREEN in Georgia.13,1


Birth of son Jeremiah GREEN in Georgia.1

before 1850

Died in Cherokee County, Alabama


  • Status of this child is uncertain.  A source for most of this familygives a birth date of 1797 for Henry.  This might be the child ofanother member of this Green family.

    Other sources give a birth date of 1756 and 1770 for the same HenryGreen.  But note that his supposed mother, Lucretia, was only born in1855!  I am thinking this is related to a conflation of two or perhapsthree generations, with two men named Meshack, and perhaps two or moresons named Henry.

    Henry GREEN
    Birth: ABT 1770 in SC or 1776
    Death: AFT 1840 in Cherokee Co, Ala
    Note: Full blood Cherokee Indian
    Father: Meshack GREEN b: 1720
    Mother: Lucretia FRANKLIN b: ABT 1755
    Marriage 1 Caroline SAXON
    Mary GREEN b: 1807
    Saxon GREEN b: ABT 1810 in Pendleton Dist, SC
    Jeptha GREEN b: 1812 in SC
    Ambrose GREEN b: ABT 1819 in Pendleton Dist, SC

    Marriage 2 Alley SAXON b: ABT 1787 in NC, Married: ABT 1807
    Matilda GREEN b: ABT 1826 in N. C.
    Elizabeth 'Betsy' GREEN b: ABT 1828
    Nelly GREEN b: ABT 1832
    Jeremiah GREEN b: ABT 1833
    --  Jess Headley,

    The two wives Caroine and Alley (with the same maiden name, you willnote) might represent two different families of two different HenryGreens.  It could be a father and son -- birth dates of children wouldmatch with the family of Henry and Caroline Saxon being the parentfamily and Henry who married Alley Saxon as the son. After continuingto analyze the ages, brith dates and other family factors, I began towonder if the reported wives Caroline and Alley were the same person.If Alley was the second wife, she was in her 40s before she startedbearing children.  It seems more likely that a younger woman continuedbearing children into her mid to late 40s.

    Birth dates given for children of Henry and Alley Saxon are in the1800s-1830s.  This is late if not impossible for a person born in 1756(as some sources report, making her 70 years old at the birth of thefirst known child!), possible for someone born in 1770, but morelikely for a person born in 1797.  But note Headley's dates givenhere.  He has no dates of birth,d eath or marriage for Caroline Saxon(reported first wife).  Marriage to Alley Saxon is reported as abt1807 and birth of Carline's first child is also reported as abt 1807!Allowing for  ayear r more play on the estimated dates, this seems toindicate that Caroline and Alley were the same person.

    After finding some censuses, the details were clearer.  In the 1850census, Alley is apparently a widow, with Henry missing from theenumeration, and what appears to be three daughters in her household.But this means the report that Henry died in 1869 would be wrong.Maybe he died in 1849.  Alley is 65 years old.  At this age, she wasborn in about 1785, in the range reported by Headley in the genealogyabove.

    1850 Federal Census, Cherokee County, Alabama, 11 July, District 27,page ?, Hse/Fam #858
    Alley Green 63 F No Occupation $No Real Estate Value b SC (b abt 1787)
    Polly Green 42 F b SC  (b abt 1808)
    Betsy Green 22 F b Georgia  (b abt 1828)
    Nelly Green 7 F b Georgia  (b abt 1843)


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