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Martha Elizabeth PADGETT

Martha Elizabeth PADGETT1,2,6,3,7,8,5,9,10

27th Oct 18445 - 15th Dec 19183

Life History

27th Oct 1844

Born in North Carolina.1,2,3,4

(most likely)

Oct 1847


(less likely)

about 1875

Married Phillip K MCSWAIN in Tennessee.6,52

30th Aug 1876

Birth of daughter Maggie Ella MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.11,9,12,13,14,15,15,16

22nd Jun 1878

Birth of daughter Ada Loora MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.15,17,18,9,19,20,21,22,23,24

17th Nov 1879

Birth of son Joseph Edward MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.25,26,27,9,28,29,30,31,15

after Jun 1880

Birth of daughter Tissie MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.9

9th Sep 1882

Birth of son Robert Perry MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.35,36,37,27

23rd Jun 1886

Birth of son Benjamin Dean MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45

Feb 1888

Birth of daughter Lillie May MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.27,6,46,47,15

1st Mar 1891

Birth of daughter Leona E MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.48,15,27,6,49

16th Mar 1899

Death of daughter Tissie MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.32,33,34

25th Feb 1917

Death of Phillip K MCSWAIN in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.50,51

15th Dec 1918

Died in Ethel, Arkansas, Arkansas.3

after 15th Dec 1918

Buried in Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Ethel, Arkansas County, Arkansas.3


  • For a long time we did not know Martha Elizabeth's last name.  I havesearched many records of McSwains in North Carolina.  This familyappeared to be related to other McSwains in Rutherford (Cleveland)County, but I could not make a clear match to the many McSwainhistorical records and genealogies available.

    It at first appeared from the birth states of members of this familyand their spouses that Martha Elizabeth and Phillip were married justbefore moving to Arkansas.  After finding Phillip and his siblingswith their mother in Tennessee, this did not seem likely, because noneof them had spouses in the household.  Gradually details unfolded withclues from other genealogies and records.  It turned out that Padgettsand McSwains had all moved to Arkansas and McSwain brothers marriedPadgett sisters.

    In 1850, Elizabeth is enumerated with her parents and other childrenin the Padgett home area of Cleveland County, North Carolina, in thesouth central part of the state.

    1850 Federal Census, Cleveland County, North Carolina, 4 September, p316, Hse/Fam #597
    Wyly Padgett 45 M Farmer NC
    Lavinia Padgett 31 F  NC
    Elizabeth Padgett 3 F NC

    In 1860, on their way west, The Padgett household had made it towestern North Carolina, and were enumerated int Buncombe County,in theSmoky Mountains bordering Tennessee.

    1860 Federal Census, Buncombe County, North Carolina, 10 August, P OFairview, page 10, Hse/Fam #110
    Wiley Padgett 50 M Shoemaker $0 Real Estate $75 Personal Estate bNorth Carolina
    Vina Padgett 42 F Domestic b North Carolina
    Elizabeth Padgett 12 F b NC

    Lavinia and Wiley Padgett, Martha Elizabeth's parents, were also inTennessee in 1870, though in a different county.  After findingmembers of the family in Prairie Township of Arkansas in 1870, itappeared that the Padgetts and McSwains got together in Arkansas.Phillip's cousin Judith had already married Martha Elizabeth's brotherEdwin in North Carolina, and then they all wound up in Ethel,Arkansas.

    Phillip and Elizabeth must have married right after the McSwainsarrived in the Ethel area, or they married and moved together fromTennessee to Arkansas.  Their first child was born about 1876, beingreported as age 4 in the 1880 Arkansas County census.  So there itseems to be about 1875-6 when the family moved from Tennessee toArkansas.

    1870 Federal Census, Cocke County, Tennessee, 23 August, District 9,page 18, Hse #122, Fam #123
    Padget, Wily 60 M W Farmer NC  (b abt 1810)
    Padget, Levina 52 F W Keeping House (b abt 1818)
    Padget, Martha E 20 F W (b abt 1850)

    Martha Elizabeth's age in the census is off from the date reported byher gravestone, which has a date of birth of 27 October 1844.  In theAugust 1870 census Martha E Padget [sic] was reported as 20 years old. This would mean on her birthday in October that year she would havebeen 21, making a birth year of 1849.  This is a 4-year difference,but not unheard of.

    Phillip's brother William married an Arkansas-born woman, so it makessense that P K also married after the family arrived in Arkansas,probably about 1877, according to the age of their first child, age 2in the 1880 census.  This is consistent with the idea that the familyall moved together.

    1880 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 10 June, PrairieTownship, page 16D, Hse #105, Fam #108
    P K McSwain W M 31   Farmer  NC NC NC
    Elizabeth McSwain W  F 32 Wife Housekeeping  NC  SC  NC

    The date of Phillip and Martha's marriage is estimated as about 1875,based on the birth date of first child, Joseph, born Nov 18 1879.  Nomarriage record has been found.

    1900 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 19 June, PrairieTownship, District 7, Page 13B, Hse #218, Fam #293
    McSwain, Phillip K Head W M  Jan 1847  53 Married 25 years  NC NC NCFarmer
    McSwain, Marth [sic] E   Wife W F Oct 1847 52  Married 25 yearsHousekeeping  NC NC NC
    McSwain, Joseph  Son W M  Nov 1879 20 AR NC NC Farm Laborer
    McSwain, Robert F  Son W M  Sept 1882 17 AR NC NC Farm Laborer
    McSwain, Benjamin  Son  W M  June 1886 13  AR NC NC Farm Laborer
    McSwain, Lillie  Dau  W F Feb 1888  12 Single AR NC NC
    McSwain, Lee O  Dau  W F Mar 1891  9 Single AR NC NC
    Padgett, Lavina  Mother [actually mother-in-law and kin to him acouple of other ways] W F Mar 1819 81 Widowed NC NC NC
    Padgett, Jane Sister [actually sis-in-law & 2nd cousin] W F Jan 184951 Single NC NC NC
    McSwain, Lester Grandson  W M  Mar 1899 1 AR NC NC
    Criswell, Harvey  Boarder W M  Jan 1876 24 Single MS VA AL
    Jenkins, Andrew  Servant W M  Apr 1878 22 Single TN GA GA

    In October 2007, I got an email from another McSwain researcher inGermany who provided the rest of the details to finish tying thisfamily together.  David Holden informed me that Lavinia Padgett's lastname was also McSwain, and that Martha Elizabeth was her daughter.  Inthe process I learned why I had been unable to make the connectionbefore.

    The parents of Lavinia Nancy McSwain are William McSwain and MaryNancy Bridges.  Other genealogies I had found up to this point hadWilliam's wife as Judith Hamrick.  The dates of children and marriageto Judith make a full picture now to indicate that Judith was thesecond wife.  The other genealogies also thus lacked the children ofWilliam with Mary Nancy.  Lavinia was one of those.

    This also better explains why Lavinia and her daughter Jane are livingwith Phillip and Martha Elizabeth after the death of Wiley.  Martha isher daughter and thus Phillip's mother-in-law.  This partly explainsthe puzzling entry in the 1900 census that Lavinia is Phillip's motherand Jane his sister, which led to lots of run-arounds and dead-ends!

    1910 Federal Census, Arkansas County, Arkansas, 22 April, PrairieTownship, District 13, page 4A, Hse/Fam #58
    McSwain, Philip  Head  M W 69 Married 36 years NC  NC  NC Farmer
    McSwain, Martha  Wife  F W 67 Married 36 years NC  SC  NC
    McSwain, Lillie M  Dau  F W 22 Single AR NC NC
    McSwain, Ben  Son  M W  4 Single AR NC NC Dry Goods Salesman
    McSwain, Leona E  Dau  F W 18 Single AR NC NC
    McSwain, Lester  Grandson  M W 11 Single AR NC NC


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