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Dovina Tabitha WALKER1,2,10,3,11,12,4,5,13

also known as Virginia Dovina Walker

7th Aug 18228 - 20th Jan 18898,9,4

Life History

7th Aug 1822

Born in Newton, Catawba, North Carolina.1,2,3,4,5,6

(most likely)

7th Aug 1822

Born in Randolph County, North Carolina.8

(less likely)

5th Dec 1839

Married Joseph Lewis TERRY in Pleasant Valley, Murray, Georgia.7,12

5th Dec 1839

Married in Murray County, Georgia.6

12th Dec 1840

Birth of daughter Amanda TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.14,2,15,6

7th Nov 1842

Birth of daughter Susan Louisa TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.6,1,16,17,18,19

8th Aug 1844

Birth of daughter Mary Ellen TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.1,6,20,21,22,23,24,25

3rd Sep 1846

Birth of son Thomas Louis TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.6,3,1,26,27

28th Jun 1850

Birth of son Duncan Lewis TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.6,13,1,28

11th Nov 1852

Birth of daughter Frances Marian TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.2,6,7,29,1,30,31,32

26th Sep 1855

Birth of daughter Dovina Elizabeth TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.15,2,1,23,6

1st Apr 1858

Birth of daughter Martha Missouri TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.2,33,3,6,1,15


Resident in In Georgia; last child William Walker Terry born 27 Aug 1860 in Murray County, Georgia..1,6

27th Aug 1860

Birth of son William Walker TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.34,6,2,35,3

about 1866

Birth of daughter Lula TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.2


Residence2 in District 103, Milam County, Texas.3

20th Jan 1889

Died in Eddy, McLennan, Texas.8,9,4

after 20th Jan 1899

Buried in Eddy Cemetery, Eddy, Falls County, Texas.7,4


  • There is a discrepancy between sources on the place of birth.  Onereports Newton, Catawba County, North Carolina.  The second sourcereports only a county name, Randolph County.

    The latter report, by Jacque Watkins, is dated 5 Dec 2005, which mayindicate that she had found information that corrected the earlierreport by the Terry Family History website.  Newton, however, is theCounty Seat of Catawba County.  So if Newton is the correct town, thenit appears Catawba is the correct county.  For details of the family,in censuses and other sources, see Notes for Joseph Lewis Terry.

    0 Lewis Terry b 1770 SC b 1765 VA
    + Constance

    1 Joseph Lewis Terry b 12 Mar 1814 Pendleton SC d 23 Aug 1880 Milam CoTX + Dovinah Walker

    2 Duncan Lewis Terry b 29 Jun 1850 Murray Co GA d bef 1900
    + Tabitha Ann Brown

    3 Alfonso Brown (Jack) Terry b 17 May 1887 Mills Co TX d 08 Nov 1944Coke Co TX
    + Leanora Bland

    4 Tempie Terry b 25 Jul 1934 Nolan Co TX d 20 May 2003 Natrona Co WY
    + Robert Cavness

    Contact: Jacque Watkins jjwatkins AT
    --  World Families DNA,

    Few sources have information about Dovina. On her son William WalkerTerry's death certificate, the name of his mother is reported asTabitha.  This may be her middle or first name.  But two genealogieshave her name as Dovina Virginia or Virginia Dovina Walker.  I havenot seen any documentation of the name Virginia in records.

    1850 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 14 November, Page 527(scan p 264), Hse/Fam #1613
    Joseph Terry 36 M Farmer  SC (b abt 1814)
    Dovina Terry 27 F NC (b abt 1823)
    Amanda Terry 8 F GA (abt 1842)
    Susan Terry 6 F GA (b abt 1844)
    Mary Terry 5 F GA (b abt 1845)
    Thomas L Terry 3 M GA (b abt 1847)

    1860 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 6 July, Militia District972, PO Rock Creek, Page 53, Hse #367, Fam #361
    Joseph Terry 46 M Farmer-Baptist Preacher  SC (b abt 1813)
    Dovina Terry 37 F NC (b abt 1822)
    Susan L Terry 17 F GA (b abt 1842)
    Mary E Terry 16 F GA (b abt 1844)
    Thomas L Terry 13 M GA (b abt 1846)
    Duncan Terry  8 M GA (b abt 1850)
    Francis [sic] Terry  7 M GA (b abt 1852, note name is spelled as amasculine name)
    Dovina Terry 4 M GA (b abt 1856)
    Martha Terry 2 M GA (b abt 1858)

    In the 1870 census Dovina is listed as Donna.  There is another familygroup in the household with the surname of Head, all born in Georgia.The strange famliy name for all the entries after Donna (Dovinah)match their children in other censuses plus the two younger ones,William (Walker) and Lula, who is imissing from several lists andgenealogies.  But the ages and birth places match Joseph and Dovey.

    I cannot explain this strange enumerator error of entering the surnameHead for the natural chidlren of Dovina and Joe.  I am entering thelast name of the children as Terry.  There is an additional childafter WIlliam Walker Terry, born in 1860 after the census.  Theyoungest child in this household is Lula, age 4.

    Joseph here is identified as a Baptist Preacher, which matches othercensuses.

    1870 Federal Census, Whitfield County, Georgia, 8 July, MilitiaDistrict 872, PO Dalton, Page 86, Hse #279, Fam #275
    Terry, Joseph  56 M W Baptist Minister  b SC
    Terry, Donna 47 F W  Keeping House  b NC
    Terry, Manda 29 F W  At Home b Georgia
    Terry, Fannie 16 F W  At Home b Georgia
    Terry, Elizabeth 15 F W  At Home b Georgia
    Terry, Martha 12 F W  At Home b Georgia
    Terry, William 9 M W  At Home b Georgia
    Terry, Lula 4 F W  At Home b Georgia

    In the 1880 census Joseph and Dovina are listed in Milam County, alongwith their daughter Martha Missouri.  They are in the same householdas Joseph's son Thomas Louis.  Even though they are listed with thesame family number, in terms of relationships, they are reported as aseparate family.  Thomas is the Head of the household, but instead ofbeing listed as father, Joseph is listed with no relationship given.Dovina is listed as Wife, based on her relationship to Joseph, not herson the head of the household.  Likewise, Martha M is listed asdaughter, her relationship to Joseph, rather than as sister of Thomas,the head of the household.

    1880 Federal Census, Milam County, Texas, 24 June, District 103, page46, Hse/Family #233
    Terry, Joseph W M 65     Farmer SC VA VA (b abt 1815)
    Terry, Dovina  W F 55 Wife Kpg Hse NC VA VA  (b abt 1825)
    Terry, Martha M W F 22 daughter AL SC GA

    Her gravestone spells her name as Dovinah.  This is the only place Iahve seen that spelling.  I notice, however, that her daughter's nameis spelled in the way we see it in family and other records, Dovina.I expect it was just misspelled on the gravestone.  Also in many namesin that era we find a stylistic variation of names ending in a or ah.

    Dovinah Terry
    Birth Aug. 7, 1822
    Death Jan. 20, 1899
    Spouse Joseph Terry (1814 - 1880)
    Daughter Dovina Elizabeth Terry Gay (1855 - 1931)
    Burial Eddy Cemetery, Falls County, Texas
    Created by couchpotato May 15, 2007
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #19386819,

    Eddy, Texas, is in McClennan County, near the border with FallsCounty.  Eddy Cemetery is outside the city in Falls County, to thesouth of the town of Eddy along Interstate 35.


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