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Joseph Lewis TERRY1,2,9,4,10,5,6,7

12th Mar 18141,2,3,4,5,6,7 - 23rd Aug 18894,8,7

Life History

12th Mar 1814

Born in Pendleton District, South Carolina.1,2,3,4,5,6,7

5th Dec 1839

Married Dovina Tabitha WALKER in Pleasant Valley, Murray, Georgia.8,6

12th Dec 1840

Birth of daughter Amanda TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.11,5,12,13

7th Nov 1842

Birth of daughter Susan Louisa TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.13,1,14,15,16,17

8th Aug 1844

Birth of daughter Mary Ellen TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.1,13,18,19,20,21,22,23

3rd Sep 1846

Birth of son Thomas Louis TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.13,3,1,24,25


Resident in Murray County, Georgia.2

28th Jun 1850

Birth of son Duncan Lewis TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.13,7,1,26

11th Nov 1852

Birth of daughter Frances Marian TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.5,13,8,27,1,28,29,30

26th Sep 1855

Birth of daughter Dovina Elizabeth TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.12,5,1,21,13

1st Apr 1858

Birth of daughter Martha Missouri TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.5,31,3,13,1,12


Residence2 in Rock Creek, Militia District 1013, Murray, Georgia.1

27th Aug 1860

Birth of son William Walker TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.32,13,5,33,3

about 1866

Birth of daughter Lula TERRY in Murray County, Georgia.5

13th Sep 1878

Residence3 in Resident in Georgia, sale of land to wife's relative, Dalton, Whitfield, Georgia.6


Residence4 in District 103, Milam County, Texas.3

20th Jan 1889

Death of Dovina Tabitha WALKER in Eddy, McLennan, Texas.34,35,36

23rd Aug 1889

Died in Milam County, Texas.4,8,7

after 23rd Aug 1889

Buried in Steep Hollow Cemetery, Brazos County, Texas.4,8


  • --------------
    0 Lewis Terry b 1770 SC b 1765 VA
    + Constance

    1 Joseph Lewis Terry b 12 Mar 1814 Pendleton SC d 23 Aug 1880 Milam CoTX
    + Dovinah Walker

    2 Duncan Lewis Terry b 29 Jun 1850 Murray Co GA d bef 1900
    + Tabitha Ann Brown

    3 Alfonso Brown (Jack) Terry b 17 May 1887 Mills Co TX d 08 Nov 1944Coke Co TX
    + Leanora Bland

    4 Tempie Terry b 25 Jul 1934 Nolan Co TX d 20 May 2003 Natrona Co WY
    + Robert Cavness

    Contact: Jacque Watkins jjwatkins AT aol.com
    --  World Families DNA,http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/terry/pats

    1850 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 14 November, Page 527(scan p 264), Hse/Fam #1613
    Joseph Terry 36 M Farmer  SC (b abt 1814)
    Dovina Terry 27 F NC (b abt 1823)
    Amanda Terry 8 F GA (abt 1842)
    Susan Terry 6 F GA (b abt 1844)
    Mary Terry 5 F GA (b abt 1845)
    Thomas L Terry 3 M GA (b abt 1847)

    In all the records I have seen, Joseph's wife's name is reproted asDovina.  On her gravestone in Eddy Cemetery, Eddy, McClennan County,Texas, the name is spelled Dovinah.  On her son William Walker Terry'sArizona death certificate his mother's name is reported as Tabatha(likely Tabitha).  No famly genealogy has the name Tabitha for Dovina. But two genealogies have her with the name Virginia, in the formVirgina Dovina or Dovina Virginia.  I ahve not seen documentation ofVirginia in records.

    1860 Federal Census, Murray County, Georgia, 6 July, Militia District972, PO Rock Creek, Page 53, Hse #367, Fam #361
    Joseph Terry 46 M Farmer-Baptist Preacher  SC (b abt 1813)
    Dovina Terry 37 F NC (b abt 1822)
    Susan L Terry 17 F GA (b abt 1842)
    Mary E Terry 16 F GA (b abt 1844)
    Thomas L Terry 13 M GA (b abt 1846)
    Duncan Terry  8 M GA (b abt 1850)
    Francis [sic] Terry  7 M GA (b abt 1852, note name is spelled as amasculine name)
    Dovina Terry 4 M GA (b abt 1856)
    Martha Terry 2 M GA (b abt 1858)
    John Carder 22 M Farm laborer Georgia (b abt 1838)

    The child John Carder is a son of Joseph's sister Nancy, whose husbandhas died and her older children are distributed among her brothers,while the younger ones are with Nancy as she has moved back into herfather's household.

    In Genealogy discussion lists, Jacque Watkins reports that JosephLewis Terry fought in the Seminole Wars.

    Jacque also references a pension file including a personal letter fromJoseph Terry dated 13 September 1878 concerning sale of land by JosephLewis Terry to D A Walker in Dalton, Georgia.  D A Walker wasapparently a relative of Joseph's wife Dovina Walker.  Joseph and hiswife Dovina (Dovey) apparently sold the land in preparation for movingto Texas.  Joseph died less than two years later in Milam County,Texas.  Cameron is the county seat of Milam County, near San Antonio(Bexar County).  We find many Terrys that are also likely part of ourlineage in Bexar County.

    The 1900 census now tells us when their son Thomas married his wifeMary Thomas in Milam County, Texas.  The census says they have beenmarried 26 years.  This would mean they married about 1874.  This is 4years before the earliest date we previously knew of that this familymight have moved to Texas.  For a long while the only other referencedate I had related to the move to Texas was that in September 1878,Thomas' parents Joseph and Dovina sold land in Murray County, Georgia. I found no further information until they show up in the 1880 census,in the same household with Thomas and Mary, in Milam County. Texas.

    I kept missing Joseph and Dovey in the 1870 census.  Then I found acensus record that appeared to be them.  Now other genealogies alsolist this census for Joseph and Dovina.

    Dovina is listed as Donna.  Also there is another family group in thehousehold with the surname of Head, all born in Georgia.  The strangefamliy name for all the entries after Donna (Dovinah) match theirchildren in other censuses plus the two younger ones, William (Walker)and Lula, who is imissing from several lists and genealogies.

    But the ages and birth places match Joseph and Dovey, and Joseph hereis a Baptist Preacher, which also matches.  So there were enumeratorerrors in these entries.  I am entering the last name of the chidlrenas Terry.  There is an aditional child after WIlliam Walker Terry,born in 1860 after the census.  the youngest child in this householdis Lula, age 4.

    1870 Federal Census, Whitfield County, Georgia, 8 July, MilitiaDistrict 872, PO Dalton, Page 86, Hse #279, Fam #275
    Terry, Joseph  56 M W Baptist Minister  b SC
    Terry, Donna 47 F W  Keeping House  b NC
    Terry, Manda 29 F W  At Home b Georgia
    Terry, Fannie 16 F W  At Home b Georgia
    Terry, Elizabeth 15 F W  At Home b Georgia
    Terry, Martha 12 F W  At Home b Georgia
    Terry, William 9 M W  At Home b Georgia
    Terry, Lula 4 F W  At Home b Georgia

    In September 2008, I looked into details about this family again,after the contact from Donna.  I found Jacque Watkins' onlinegenealogy of the Terrys for the first time.  Jacque reports that theywere already living in Brazos County, Texas, for the 1870 census.  Ihave not found such an entry for Joseph and Dovina.  If they werealready in Texas in 1870, then they had already moved several yearsbefore they sold their land in Georgia.

    I also found that this family provides a connection to my grandmotherJenkins, who was Julia Virginia (Jennie) Terry.  In 2007, I hadconfirmed her birth in McClennan County, Texas, which had been anuncertainty, with family memory claiming her birth in Georgia, butsome alternative information that she was born  near Waco, Texas.  Ifound Jennie's parents in the 1880 census in McLennan County (Waco isthe county seat) before her birth later in the year.

    This explained Julia Virginia's birthplace reported as Texas in somecensuses.  I knew other Terrys were in the area at that time.  I knewthat Dovina had lived in McClennan County after Joseph's death inMilam County, and that Dovina was buried in the Eddy Cemetery, a fewmiles south of Lorena, where Jennie was born in 1880.  For somereason, Jennie's parents, Thomas Duncan and Mattie moved back to theTerry home area of Murray County.

    Joseph and Dovina are listed in the 1880 census in Milam County, alongwith their daughter Martha Missouri.  They are actually in the samehousehold and listed with the same family number as Joseph's sonThomas Louis.  But in terms of relationships, they are listed as aseparate family.  Thomas is the Head of the household, but instead ofbeing listed as father, Joseph is listed with no relationship given.Dovina is listed as Wife, based on her relationship to Joseph, not herson the head of the household.  Likewise, Martha M is listed asdaughter, her relationship to Joseph, rather than as sister of Thomas,the head of the household.

    1880 Federal Census, Milam County, Texas, 24 June, District 103, page46, Hse/Family #233
    Terry, Joseph W M 65  Farmer SC VA VA (b abt 1815)
    Terry, Dovina  W F 55 Wife Kpg Hse NC VA VA  (b abt 1825)
    Terry, Martha M W F 22 daughter AL SC GA

    I also note that the birth place for both Joseph's parents isVirginia, rather than South Carolina for Lewis his father and Virginiafor Constance his mother.  Also, Martha's birthplace is given asAlabama, although it appears the family was living in Murray County,Georgia, when she was born, just as for the other children.  They didnot sell their land to move to Texas till she was about 20 years old.

    Jacque Watkins reports death information from her research:

    Joseph Louis Terry
    b 12 Mar 1814 Pendleton SC
    d 23 Aug 1889, Milam Co TX
    Buried Steep Hollow Cemetery, Brazos Co TX
    Married Dovinah (Dovey) Walker
    b 7 Aug 1822 in Randolph Co NC
    d 20 Jan 1899 in McClennan Co TX
    Married 5 Dec 1839 in Pleasant Valley, Murray Co GA
    --  RootsWeb, Terry Family by Jacque Watkins; Joseph Louis Terry ID:I556958903,http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=:3001708&id=I556958903

    Likely relatives of this couple are reported in Whiterock, WilbargerCounty, Texas.  Wilbarger is in north central Texas on the Red River.Exact connections have not yet been made to Joseph F Terry and wifeCatherine Biles Landers and their son Joseph L Terry, born 22 Sep 1864In Whiterock.  This Joseph's wife's name was Susie, last name unknown.
    --  Jacque Watkins, http://www.terry-family-historian.com/guestlog.htm

    Rev Joseph Terry
    Birth Mar 12, 1814
    Death Aug 23, 1880

    Spouse Dovinah Terry (1822 - 1899)
    Daughter Dovina Elizabeth Terry Gay (1855 - 1931)

    Note: Spouse of Dovinah "Dovey" Walker, Son of Louis and ConstanceTerry, Private, Co F, Capt. Absalom Bishop Company, Maj. NelsonBattalion Military Service Indian War, Nov 20, 1836 Georgia MountedVolunteers; Jan 01, to May 26, 1837; home and disabled

    Burial Steep Hollow Cemetery,Bryan (Brazos County), Brazos County,Texas, Section 1, Space 540

    Created by B Coker Feb 01, 2008
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #24310397,http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=24310397


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