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Angie FREEMAN1,2,3

18751,2,3 - UNKNOWN1

Life History


Born in Mississippi.1,2,3

25th Sep 1889

Married Joshua W ROSS in Hot Spring County, Arkansas.2

She reports herself as a widow in the 1900 census, but J Wesley Ross,age 30, identified in other sources as her husband Joshua, is livingin the same area in the home of his parents.

Oct 1891

Birth of son John Wesley ROSS in Dallas County, Arkansas.1,3

Apr 1892

Birth of son William Richard ROSS in Dallas County, Arkansas.1,3

12th Jan 1895

Birth of daughter Emma Chester ROSS in Dallas County, Arkansas.4,1,6,5,3

after 1900

Married Somebody UNKNOWN in Dallas County, Arkansas.3

No death record has been found, but he is believed to have died beforethe 1910 census, when Angie again reported herself as a widow.

about 1907

Birth of daughter Ollie ROSS in Dallas County, Arkansas.3

before 1910

Death of Somebody UNKNOWN in Dallas County, Arkansas.3

27th Mar 1960

Death of son William Richard ROSS in Arkansas

13th Nov 1973

Death of daughter Emma Chester ROSS in Stuttgart, Arkansas, Arkansas.4,5


Death of Joshua W ROSS in Dallas County, Arkansas.1


Death of daughter Ollie ROSS


Death of son John Wesley ROSS


Died in Dallas County, Arkansas.1


  • Arkansas, County Marriages Index, 1837-1957
    Angie Freeman
    Age 18, Birth Year abt 1871
    Residence Lono, Hot Spring, Arkansas
    Spouse's Name Joshua Ross
    Spouse's Age 19
    Spouse's Residence Lono, Hot Spring, Arkansas
    Marriage 25 Sep 1889 Hot Spring County
    Marriage License Date 24 Sep 1889

    1900 Federal Census, Dallas County, Arkansas, [no date], District 15,page 10B, Hse #153, Fam #155
    Ross, Mrs Angie Wife W F  --- 1875 25 Widow 3 child/3 living MS NC NC
    Ross, John W Son W M Oct 1891 8 Single AR AR AR
    Ross, William R Son W M Apr 1892 7 Single AR AR MS
    Ross, Emma C Dau W F --- 1896 4 Single AR AR MS
    Freeman, Susan E Mother W F --- 1847 53 Widow AL AL AL [but notedifference in birth states here and in Angie's record]

    Susan Freeman here is identified in sources as Susan E Nix.  She isreported here as the mother of Angie.  But note the difference inbirth states.  Angie reported her mother born in North Carolina, andeven though Susan is reported as her mother, Susan's birth state isreported as Alabama, matching the 1850 census of Susan with herparents.

    Angie's father, W Freeman, is reported by a genealogy as born in 1825,while Susan is reported born in 1844, or 1847, according to the 1900census.  This makes it likely she was the second wife of W Freeman,and thus the stepmother of Angie, accounting for the difference inbirth states reported for Susan and Angie's mother.

    Another discrepancy occurs also.  The 1900 census reports a J WesleyRoss in Dallas County, Arkansas, who correlates with Angie's husbandJoshua in other censuses.  This J Wesley Ross is reported in thehousehold of his father and stepmother, and is reported as Single.But his age and the initials J W match earlier reports and comments byresearchers that identify him as Joshua Wesley, appearing to be thespouse of Angie Freeman.

    1900 Federal Census, Dallas County, Arkansas, [no date] June, SmithTownship, District 15, page 15A, Hse #236, Fam #238
    Ross, Hugh P Head W M --- 1846 54 Married 34 years (then changed to24, probably reflects the different dates of his two marriages] AR ALAL Farmer Owns
    Ross, Catherine E Wife W F Nov 1863 36 Married 24 yrs 2 children/1living AR GA AL
    Ross, J Wesley W M --- 1870 30 Single AR AR TN
    Ross, Charlie May 1877 23 Single AR AR TN
    Ross, George Ann Dau --- 1879 21 Single AR AR TN
    Ross, Elizabeth Dau July 1880 19 Single AR AR TN
    Ross, William B April 1886 14 Single AR AR TN

    There is some uncertainty about this identity, due to the listing oftwo children in the 1880 census of the Ross family as Joe.  This Joe,reported as age 10, matches later reports of J Wesley as age 30 in1900, and the report of Joshua Ross as age 1 in the 1870 census (a fewmonths' discrepancy in the actual birth date).  The second Ross childin 1880 is named Joe W, but is identified by a researcher as JoshuaWesley.  Perhaps the second child is Joshua and the first child namedJoe is actually the first child reported in the 1870 census as John,age 2.

    Since Angie is a widow in the 1900 census it seems that Joshua died,unless for some reason they have divorced, rather than Joshua havingdied.  With the information now available, this is the simplestsolution to this mystery.

    Censuses are known to be terribly inaccurate at times for severalreasons, and maybe all these discrepancies could be resolved if wecould find more records and reliable family information and burialrecords.  Most of these are lacking for this couple and the Rossfamily.

    In the 1910 census, Angie is reported to have borne 5 children, and 4living.  This would mean that she had remarried and been widowed sincethe 1900 census.  One of the children from the second marriage is theone who died.  The three older children match the three reported inthe 1900 census.  Her mother's name is reported in 1910 as Sisson,compared to Susan in 1900.  It seems more likely that an enumeratorwould have mistaken Sisson for Susan than the other way around.Sisson is a very unusual first name.  But we ahve other records thatreport her name as Susan E Nix.  On her marriage record, though, hermiddle initial is reproted as U.

    But Sisson's reported age in the 1910 census is 74, while in 1900 itwas only 53.  This kind of discrepancy is not unusual in the censuseof that era, esepcially where the 1900 census is involved.

    1910 Federal Census, Dallas County, Arkansas, 4 May, PrincetonTownship, District 6, Sheet 15A, Hse/Fam #145
    Ross, Angie Head F W 36 Widow 5 children/4 living AR US Unknown
    Ross, Wesley Son M W 19 Single AR AR AR
    Ross, Richard Son M W 16 Single AR AR AR
    Ross, Emma Dau F W 14 Single AR AR AR
    Ross, Olie [Ollie in other sources] Dau F W 3 Single AR AR AR
    Freeman, Sisson Mother F W 74 Single Unknown Unk Unk


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