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Louis Bernard DUMONT

Louis Bernard DUMONT1,3

15th Oct 17771 - between 1833 and 18341,2

Life History

15th Oct 1777

Born in Grondines, Portneuf, Québec, New France.1

between 1810 and 1815

Birth of daughter Félicité DUMONT in Arkansas, New Madrid District, Louisiana Territory.2

between 1810 and 1815

Birth of son Jean-Baptiste DUMOND in Arkansas, New Madrid District, Louisiana Territory.4

20th May 1810

Married Félicité CAILLOT in Arkansas Post, New Madrid District, Louisiana Territory, USA.1,17,2,4

about 1816

Birth of son Louis DUMONT in Arkansas County, Missouri Territory.5,6

about 1820

Birth of son Pierre DUMOND in Arkansas Territory, USA.7

about 1825

Birth of son Caliste DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas Territory.8,9,4,10,11

about 1827

Birth of daughter Mannet DUMOND in Arkansas Territory, USA.4

18th Mar 1828

Birth of daughter Virginia DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas Territory.12,13,8,11

about 1829

Birth of son Reges DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas Territory.4,8


Birth of son Israel A DUMOND in Arkansas County, Arkansas.14,15,8,4,16

between 1833 and 1834

Died in Arkansas Post, Arkansas County, Arkansas Territory.1,2

about 1834

Buried in Arkansas Post, Arkansas County, Arkansas Territory


  • Louis B Dumont was born in Grondines, Québec, according to various family genealogies.  Louis' middle name may be Bernard.  It appears he moved down the Mississippi River in New France, until he was in the fort town of Arkansas Post (sometimes referred to as Post of Arkansas - see 1960 census), where he married Félicité on 20 May 1810.

    One genealogy comments that he immigrated from Canada to the USA, but that is not historically accurate.  He never left New France.  Arkansas Post, in fact, was established as a French fort in 1686 by a lieutenant of René-Robert Cavelier, sieur (Lord) de La Salle.

    New France at that time included all the land from Québec down the center of North America west of the Mississippi River.  That portion now in the USA was called Louisiana Territory.  Louisiana was ceded to Spain 1762, after Spain defeated France in the Seven Years' War.  Most of the rest of its North American possessions France ceded to Great Britain in 1763.  But when Napoleon restored the French Empire, he regained New France from King Charles IV of Spain on 1 October 1800.

    In 1803, the whole Louisiana Territory was sold to the USA.  Thus the land where Dumont lived changed sovereignty.  By the time he and Félicité married in 1810, the location of Arkansas Post was part of the US territory of Louisiana.  It became Arkansas Territory in 1819, and the State of Arkansas was established in 1836.

    Louis appears on the tax rolls of Arkansas Territory in 1814 along with related and neighboring families.  In this list his name is spelled Dumond.

    1814 Arkansas Territory Tax List

    Folders 140, 141 Missouri State Archives, Auditor, Collectors Accounts - Arkansas County. State Historical Society Manuscripts University of Missouri, Columbia.

    [Selected Names]

    Brinsbach, Maria Louisa
    Deruisseau, Francis
    Deruisseau, John Bte.
    Deruisseau, Joseph
    Dumond, Louis
    Pertuis, Pierre [probably Petro, the orignal fur trader]
    Placide, Louis
    Pierre, Madam (Pertuis? widow?)
    Piatt, Jacob
    --  Couch GenWeb,

    Louis died before the 1840 census, when I find the family matching Félicité and the children, under the listing of Lewis Dumont, a male between the ages of 20 and 30.

    Félicité is listed as a head of household in 1850 (Felicity Dumond) and 1860 (Felicita Dumond), with 4 children in 1850 and 1 child in 1860.  She and the children are living next door to her son Caliste, with wife Desira (Desirée) and 11-month-old daughter Mary.  See details under Notes for Félicité.

    There is a family on the previous page, 4 houses earlier in the listing, with two children named Dumond.  This is Mary Pinot, the widow of Pierre Dumond, with their children John and Elizabeth now remarried to a man named Stokes.

    1850 Federal Census, Desha County, Arkansas, 1 November, Chester Township, page 70
    John Stokes 30 Farmer  Born Tennessee
    Mary Stokes 28  born Arkansas
    John Dumond 4  born Arkansas
    Elizabeth Dumond 2  born Arkansas

    In 1860, two of Felicité's grandchildren are in her hosuehold.  John is the son of Pierre Dumond and Mary Pinot, and Mary is the daughter of Mannet Cumond and Daniel B Haines.

    1860 Federal Census, Desha County, Arkansas, 2 August, Chester Township, PO Redfork, page 13, Hse/Fam #95
    Felicita [Félicité] Dumond 65 F Housekeeper $6000 Real Estate  $1200 Personal  born Arkansas
    John Dumond 14 M Arkansas
    Mary Haines [granddaughter] 12 F Arkansas

    An article in the Grand Prairie Historical Society Bulletin in October 1980:  "Some Descendants of Marie Messager."  Before including the full text of the estate settlement for Félicité, one line of the article reports on Louis' death:

    "LOUIS DUMONT died in Arkansas County, AR 1833-34."

    Thanks to Ralph Dumond for posting this excerpt with the full text of Félicité's estate settlement (based on Louis' will)  on the RootsWeb Dumont Discussion list.  Found 29 April 2008.

    Here is the posting with the entire excerpt from the article:

    From: <>
    Subject: [DUMONT-L] Arkansas County, AR Dumont(d)
    Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 20:11:30 EDT

    The following is from the article, "Some Descendants of Marie Messager," published in the October 1980 issue of the Grand Prairie Historical Society Bulletin:

    FELICITE CAILLOT (b. 27 June 1791 bpt. Ste. Genevieve, MO, 29 Mar 1791 d. in Desha Co. 1860-62) signed marriage contract before Andre Fagot at Arkansas Post, AR on 20 May 1810 with LOUIS DUMONT, son of Jean Pierre Dumont and Genevieve Lecuyer.

    The migratory route of Louis Dumont has not been established. His French-Canadian background is confirmed by Roland J. Auger, Archivist of the Genealogical Section, National Archives of Quebec, in a 1973 report to GPHS.

    Msgr. Tanguay's Dictionnaire des Familles Canadiennes (Vol III, page 537, 2nd column, middle of the page) mentions the couple PIERRE DUMONT & GENEVIEVE LECUYER, and Auger found the baptism record for two of their children at Grondines, Quebec, a town on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, about half way between Quebec City and Three Rivers, namely:
    1. Pierre Dumont, born & baptized at Grondines Sep. 3, 1775 ?
    2. Louis Dumont, born & baptized at Grondines, Oct. 15, 1777

    The Dumonts and the Lecuyers were from Batiscan, a town near Grondines, Que. Pierre Dumont is presumably the son of Charles II Dumont and Genevieve Baribaut, who were married at Batiscan, on Feb. 13, 1736; his wife, Genevieve Lucuyer, seems to be the daughter of Antoine Lecuyer and Madeleine Lafontaine, and she was born & baptized at Grondines, Que. In 1750.

    LOUIS DUMONT died in Arkansas County, AR 1833-34. Because, under the terms of their 1810 marriage contract, all property acquired by the marriage community "will remain intact for the one who will survive", there was no probate at the time of the death of Louis to assist in identifying issue. No records were generated until after Felicite's death almost 30 years later.

    MARCH TERM 1862 - Felicity Dumond Estate Petition for Partition: "On this day was presented the petition of Caliste Dumond and Isaac Love as administrators of the Estate of Felicity Dumond representing to the court that the proceeds of the personal estate is fully sufficient to pay all the debts thereof, and that it is the wish of all the heirs of said Felicity Dumond that the slaves should be partitioned between them ?.. all of whom (slaves) are in Desha County, Arkansas. That the Heirs of said Felicity Dumond are as follows to wit:

    TERRESA HARE, FRANCIS PERTUIS wife of John Pertuis, ISRAEL DUMOND, CALISTE DUMOND, VIRGINIA LOVE wife of Isaac Love, MARY HAINES, JOHN L. DUMOND, the last two represented by their guardian Isaac Love, and all of whom are entitled to an equal distributive share is said slaves, and John and Elizabeth Dumond, who are together entitled to one share?, making in all eight equal shares ?."
    (Desha Co., AR PROBATE RECORD BK D-1, p 261)

    Suggested issue from above, census records and court records in Ark., Jeff., and Desha counties:
    JEAN BAPTISTE DUMOND b. 1810-15 (first taxed for poll in 1837) d. after 19 Mar 1838 when he witnessed the will of Michael Petersel in Ark. Co. No record of marriage or issue.

    FELICITE DUMOND b. 1810-1815, living 18 Jan 1848 when an agreement between Felicity Dumond and Reyes and Israel Dumond identifies Felicite Brinsback and Virginia Dumond as sisters of parties of the 2nd part and the party of the 1st parts as mother of Felicite Brinsback and Virginia Dumond d. before 1862 partition m. _____ Brinsbac. "Francis Pertius wife of John Pertuis" entitled to one full share in partition petition appears to be only surviving issue.

    LOUIS DUMOND b. 1815-1820 d. 23 Oct. 1848, aged 32 years, buried Swan Lake m. in Ark. Co. 29 Apr 1841 THERESE DESRUISSEAUX, daughter of Francois Xavier DesRuisseaux and Marie Chatigny. Had issue. Represented in partition by widow Therese who remarried in Ark Co 9 Aug 1860 W.D. Hair (Hare).

    PETER DUMOND b. 1820-1825 d. ca 1848 m. in Ark Co. 15 Jan 1844 MARY PINOT. His widow m. again before 1850 John W. Stokes. Issue "together entitled to one share" - JOHN and (MARY) ELIZABETH DUMOND.

    CALISTE DUMOND b. 1820-1825 d. in Ark. Co. 29 Apr 1863 m. 1st DESIRE PINOT (issue MARY FRANCIS DUMOND m. 1st John Wells m. 2nd John White; THERESE ANN DUMOND m. ___ Harris) m. 2nd in Ark Co 8 May 1859 SARAH HAGA (issue EDWARD CALISTE DUMOND, SOLOMON LEWIS DUMOND & ISABELLA DUMOND). Sarah Haga, widow of Caliste Dumond, m. in Ark Co. 1 Mar 1866 William P. DeBolt.

    REGES (ROGER) DUMOND b. 1825-1830 (age 21 in 1850 census) d. before 1862 partition.

    JOHN L. DUMOND, minor, "entitled to one full share", may be issue. No marriage record located.

    MANETT DUMOND b. 1825-1830 d. before 1850 m. in Ark Co 2 Oct 1845 D.B. HAINES. Issue MARY HAINES entitled one full share in partition.

    VIRGINIA DUMOND b. 1825-1830 living at time o f1862 partition m. before 1850 ISAAC LOVE. Had issue.

    ISRAEL DUMOND b. ca 1832 living at time of partition m. 1st Ark Co 25 Sept 1865 SARAH E. FRAZIER. Had issue.
    END Excerpt from article


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