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Lucinda Amanda TAYLOR

Lucinda Amanda TAYLOR8,9,3,3,4

about 18241,2,3,4 - about Jan 18697,3,4

Life History

about 1824

Born in Mississippi.1,2,3,4


Married Joseph Sanford JENKINS in Mississippi.5


Married in Mississippi.6


Birth of daughter Nell JENKINS in Mississippi.8,6,10

4th Dec 1850

Birth of son John Cullen JENKINS in Mississippi.11,8,12,13,14,15


Birth of son William S JENKINS in Georgia.8,16

20th Jan 1857

Birth of daughter Mary Lydie JENKINS in Georgia.17,18,19,20,21,8

31st May 1859

Birth of daughter Amanda Lucinda JENKINS in Georgia.17,22,23,24,25,8,26

6th Jan 1862

Birth of daughter Margurette Catherine JENKINS in Dalton, Cass, Texas.21,27,28,29,30

28th Jun 1866

Birth of son Joseph Asa JENKINS in Dalton, Cass, Texas.31,32,4,33,34,7,35,36,37,38

about Jan 1869

Died in Dalton, Cass, Texas.7,3,4

Died of Cancer

about Jan 1869

Buried in Dalton, Cass, Texas.5,4


  • I am the great grandson of Lucinda Amanda Taylor (whom some identifywith the name sequence Amanda Lucinda, the same as her daughter AmandaLucinda Jenkins).  My great grandmother is an intriguing character,mysterious due to the details we lack, hiding somewhere just out ofreach.  The hopeful search for the missing clues goes on.

    I have been searching for years for some clue to her parents and theirsituation around her birth in Mississippi in 1824.  The location orcounty for her parents in Mississippi has never been determined  Noclue has been found among the various Taylor households in earlycensuses in Mississippi where she was born or in Texas where we laterfind Lucinda and her Jenkins family.

    The order of the names of Lucinda Amanda Taylor and her daughterAmanda Lucinda Jenkins varies in different public or family sources.I am listing the wife of Joseph Sanford Jenkins as Lucinda AmandaTaylor and their daughter as Amanda Lucinda Jenkins.  The referencesin the Notes of this genealogy may not be consistent, due to thevarious referencing of disparate sources and usages.

    Lucinda Taylor

    Little is known of Lucinda. As mentioned above the 1860 Cass CountyCensus shows her age as 36 (Birth date ca 1824) and her birth place asMississippi.

    According to tradition of the Day family, one of Nancy Ann's (andLucinda's) grandmothers journeyed by small boat from Ireland to theUnited States, taking six months to make the trip (possibly includingintermediate stopovers).

    The names of Lucinda's parents have yet to be established.

    --  Jenkins Family History by Harold Keith Christian,, p 4

    In the 1860 census,Lucinda is reported as the wife of Joseph SanfordJenkins, but her name is simply L Jenkins.  Her husband Joseph isoddly reported as Jno, but the details of the family and the reviewand comment of many family researchers confirm this is Joseph Sanfordand Lucinda Taylor Jenkins.  They were married in Mississippi and wesee here the first three children reported were born in Mississippi.

    1860 Federal Census, Cass County, Texas, 17 October, Beat #3, PostOffice Unionville & Cusseta, Page 73, Hse #483, Fam #495
    Jinkins Jno 32 M W Farmer 300 SC Cannot read and write [b abt 1828]
    Jinkins L 36 F W MS
    Jinkins N 14 F W MS Attended school during the last year
    Jinkins J W 10 M W MS Attended school during the last year [b abt1850]
    Jinkins W L 7 M W GA [b abt 1853]
    Jinkins M L 3 F W GA [b abt 1857]
    Jinkins L 1 F W GA [b abt 1859]

    From the ages, we can see they moved from Mississippi between about1850 and 1853.  I have not found the family in the 1850 census, and nofamily researcher has reported finding them.  They are also missingfrom the 1870 census.  Note that according to the reported ages here,Lucinda is older than Joseph.  Other sources suggest that Joseph wasborn in 1826, while Lucinda was born in 1824.  Joseph Sanford's birthdate from our family records October 14, 1826.  Still, that would makeJoseph only about 20 when the first child, Nell, was born.

    Harold Christian, who compiled a history of Joseph Sanford and hisdescendants, reports that there was a rumour in family circles thatJoseph was married before he married Lucinda, and had earlier childrenin Mississippi, who did not move with the family to Texas.  Noting theages here, it seems unlikely to me that this was the case, unless itwas a short teen fling.

    From these rumours of an earlier marriage, some have suggested thatthe first child reported here, N for Nell, was the daughter of thatfirst wife.  N Jenkins is reported here as 14 years old, making herbirth about 1846.  This would be within the time since Joseph andLucinda married.  But no one has found an actual marriage record forJoe and Lucinda.  See Notes for Joseph Jenkins for more details anddiscussion.

    Harold Keith Christian suggests marriage closer to 1850, after birthof Nell.

    "Lucinda is believed to have married Joseph Sanford while still inMississippi and shortly before 1850, the place and year in which JohnC. Jenkins was born. He is believed to be their first child."
    --  Jenkins Family History by Harold Keith Christian,, p 4

    Lucinda Amanda's death occurred between 1868 and 1870.  Jimmy Eppersonreports the death as January 1867.  Immediate family members, asreported by Harold Christian, recount the event in relation to otherevents in 1868 or 1869.  I have reported the year as 1869, based onthese reports.

    Jimmy Epperson reported in an early genealogy that she was buried inDalton, but I have seen no record in any cemetery in Dalton or CassCounty.  I have toured and photographed graves in the Dalton Cemeteryand did not find her there.  She may have been buried on the familyland.

    "She is believed to have passed away while the family was living onthe farm between Bryans Mill and Dalton, Texas."
    --  Jenkins Family History by Harold Keith Christian,, p 9

    There was another Amanda Taylor, born about 1840, who married J NStone in Cass County in 1865.  This is likely a member of the sameTaylor family, but no further details have been found.

    Texas, Select County Marriage Index, 1837-1977
    Amanda Taylor
    Marriage 11 Jul 1865 Cass County, Texas
    Spouse J N Stone

    It was discovered that Amanda Taylor was the widow of J. S. Taylor.The couple were enumerated in 1850 in Saline Missouri.  J S Taylor'sfamily is probably not related to Lucinda Amanda Taylor's family inMississippi, where she was born in about 1824.

    1850 Federal Census, Saline County, Missouri, District 90
    Amanda Brockman, daughter of J S Brockman
    Age 9, born abt 1841 Missouri

    Lucinda Amanda Taylor Jenkins
    Birth 1824 Mississippi, USA
    Death Jan., 1869 Dalton, Cass County, Texas, USA

    Lucinda was born in Mississippi, but the location and exact date areunknown. Research by numerous family members has failed to identifyher parents.

    She married Joseph Sanford Jenkins in Mississippi about 1845. memoriesof her children and other family events indicate Lucinda died aboutJanuary 1869. Her date of death is not found in any family records orpublic records.

    Family researchers have found no place of birth. It is thought shedied in Cass County, Texas, where they were living on a farm nearDalton. The locale Bryan's Mill appears often in family memory andrecords.

    Spouse Joseph Sanford Jenkins (1826 - 1893)
    John Cullen Jenkins (1850 - 1892)
    Amanda Lucinda Jenkins Christian (1859 - 1948)
    Joseph Asa Jenkins (1866 - 1962)
    Mary Lou Jenkins Chapel (1867 - 1929)

    Burial Non-Cemetery Burial
    It is thought she was buried on the Jenkins family farm near Bryan'sMill, Cass County, Texas. It is uncertain exactly which location thisis today, or who owns the property now. No official death or burialrecord has been found.

    Created by Orville Jenkins Jul 03, 2015
    --  Find A Grave Memorial #148633397,

    Various descendants comment on family information about Lucinda AmandaTaylor. The following are Notes from R. Christian GED:

    Ref: Ltr fr William C. Day, grandson of Nancy Ann Taylor Day; ..quitesure Lucinda Jenkins ..buried in Dalton Cemetery near therewhen she died ..many other Jenkins buried there Grandmother Day'sfirst name was Nancy Ann ..and she had a sister ..mother of theJenkins ..if I remember ..her name was Lucinda ..I believe she died ofcancer ..

    Note by Harold Keith Christian: Lucinda was the sister of Nancy AnnTaylor Day and of Daniel Taylor. There is also speculation that LouisaChristian, wife of Joseph Benjamin Christian of TN, was a sister ofLucinda, Nancy Ann, and Daniel Taylor.  [But the fact that her motheris reported born in Ireland seems to eliminate that possibility --OBJ]

    Ref: Cass County Cemeteries, by Cass County Genealogical Society; NoLucinda Jenkins identified.

    Ref: Description of small Jenkins burial plot (see Joseph SanfordJenkins).

    Ref: Comments by Annie Tabor during visit by HKC: ..(REF to ltr fromMrs. Bilbrey to Annie) ..I bet it will turn out JSJ's 1st wife"Lucinday" was his second wife; or Louisa' sister-Lucinda ..Nancy Annthat married Joseph Day ..and Louisa married my (Bilbrey's) GGFChristian .. (Annie's comments) ..I always thought my mother'sbirthday was 30 May ..found it was 31st of May ..He (JSJ) was marriedbefore he married my grandmother (Lucinda) ..Momma (Amanda Lucinda)remembered there was an old negro woman. Her mother died when she wasnine years old (31 May 1859 + 9 = 1868). This old negro woman had totake care of her.

    Ref: Joseph Asa Jenkins TV Interview, Danny Williams Show, WKY TV, OKCity, 1952; ..I remember my mother being lowered into the ground. Aneighbor man picked me up to hold and console me.

    Ref: FRANK.DOC #2. "Jack Jenkins was ..(Joseph Sanford Jenkins')father"

    BIRTH: US Census 1860 TX, Beat#3, Sh#381B, P.O. Unionville & Cuseta,17 OCT 1860, Dwg#483, Fam#495

    MARRIAGE: US Census 1860 TX, Beat#3, Sh#381B, P.O. Unionville &Cusseta, 17 OCT 1860, Dwg#483, Fam#495

    CHILDREN: US Census 1860 TX, Beat#3, Sh#381B. P.O. Unionville &Cusseta, 17 OCT 1860, Dwg#483, Fam#495

    End Notes from R. Christian GED

    I am puzzled and a bit concerned about a couple of the source docsseveral genealogies have thoughtlessly attached to Lucinda.  One ortwo also have an extraneous couple from New York as her parentswithout any comment or documentation indicating any connection.  JoashTaylor and his wife Amanda Norton lived and died in New York, inNiagara Falls on the Canadian border.  It seems very odd anyone wouldassociate this with our Lucinda Taylor Jenkins, since our LucindaTaylor Jenkins was born in Mississippi and died in Texas.

    Two census records for another Lucinda, whose married name was Taylor,are attached by some to our Lucinda Taylor Jenkins. One is from 1870,after Lucinda Taylor Jenkins died!  They even report that she died in1869, but still report her in the 1870 census!

    In the 1850 census, I see that Lucinda Taylor is the wife of ReddinTaylor. In 1850, our Lucinda was already married to Joseph SanfordJenkins, and as far as anyone has known, Taylor was our LucindaAmanda's maiden name.

    A descendant of Reddin and Lucinda Taylor gives us her maiden name ofGrober, in a note on the census entry for 1850.

    "Lucinda Gober married Redden Taylor. Lucinda Gober was the daughterof Lewis Gober and second wife Rebecca Clayton who married 14 Jan 1816in Amite County, Mississippi. Lucinda Gober Taylor is plainly markedWHITE on the census, as is her daughter Nancy Taylor." [She mentionsthis because for some reason several Mississippi census records aredesignated as Negro in Ancestry's transcription, when they are clearlyentered as White in the actual original record.]
    --  Bonnie Gober, Comment on 1850 US Census, 17 July2013,

    I see this same Lucinda Taylor, wife of Reddin Taylor, as a widow inthe 1870 census, while our Lucinda Taylor Jenkins, wife of JosephSanford Jenkins, died in Texas about 1869 or 1870.  And our Lucindawas in the 1860 census in Cass County, Texas, as Lucinda Jenkins,reported as the wife of Joseph Sanford.
    --  Ancestry 1870 US Census,


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